Floyd Mayweather will make a $hit T$n of Money in Fight with McGregor. But Will He Make a $hit T$n in this ICO?

August 23,2017 --- Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor during their final press conference Wednesday for their upcoming historic fight ,Saturday, August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. --- CHRIS FARINA

We all know that Floyd Mayweather stands to make a killing in his fight with the 29 year old mixed martial arts pro Conor McGregor. But will he make a “$hit T$n” of money in this upcoming Initial Coin Offering?

The Mayweather – McGregor fight will book up to $1 billion with all the sponsorship and the massive pay-per-view audience. This is not to mention the cost of purchasing a ticket for the sold out event that is being dubbed the fight of the century.

The Fight of the Century (At Least So Far)

As for the fighters, Mayweather has a guaranteed purse of $100 million. Not too bad for a single fight. As for McGregor, he will take home a minimum $30 million, according to ESPN. When you add in the cut of the take for the streaming audience, sponsorships and everything else, one estimate states that Mayweather bringing home $230 million and challenger McGregor grossing $70 million is completely possible.

Floyd Crypto Mayweather

So what about this ICO thing that Mayweather was pumping this week?

In his second time of promoting a forthcoming ICO, Mayweather, or as he calls himself “Floyd Crypto Mayweather” posted on Instagram about HubiiNetwork – a decentralized Blockchain based content marketplace. With eleven days remaining, Hubiits (their tokens) have sold 4,212,669.159 raising approximately ETH 4212 (or $1.4 million).


This is not the first time Mayweather has been sharing his investment prowess. A few weeks back, Crypto Mayweather was boasting in another Instagram post how he was going to take home a “$hit T$n” of money in the Stox ICO. Stox went on to raise about $33 million giving it top ten status in this year’s hot ICO market.


So what is Stox?

Stox is a Bancor based prediction market platform that uses crowd-wisdom to predict just about everything. Stox will be powered by the STX token that raised so much money. Bancor, by the way, did its own ICO where it raised about $153 million.

So will Crypo Mayweather make a $hit T$n of money in these ICOs? Well, that is contingent up on the underlying relationships these tokens hold with the base cryptocurrencies and their ability to create real businesses. A rising ICO market appears to be lifting all boats. For now.

As for Crypto Mayweather playing in the ICO market, this is really throw away money for him. He is literally killing it with his day job. Investing in tokens is more of a hobby.

Enjoy the fight.



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