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Israeli Serial “Blockchain Entrepreneur” Moshe Hogeg Sued Again for Alleged Misuse of ICO Funds

The Citizens Jury Wheel Legal Court Trial Justice Judge Law

Moshe Hogeg, a high-profile Israeli crypto startup founder (Invest.com, Stox, Sirin Labs) previously sued by Invest.com investors, is now being sued by a Chinese cryptocurrency investor who claims Hogeg has been misusing funds he raised in an initial coin offering (ICO) for the creation of… Read More

Israeli Supreme Court Protects Digital Currency Exchange: Crypto Exchange Should Not Be Banned Sweepingly

The Supreme Court of Israel intervened in a decision by an Israeli bank and ruled that it cannot extensively block the activity of the crypto stock exchange. The Court noted that the bank’s fears and attitudes toward the crypto industry were unfounded speculations. Supreme Court Justice… Read More

Stox Nears Public Launch as Beta Version Released of Blockchain Based Prediction Engine

Stox, a Blockchain based prediction network, has launched a “risk free beta” version of its site it has labeled “Sun Tzu” in honor of the Chinese New Year. Stox is desiged to be an open source Ethereum based prediction market where users can make their… Read More

Following Stox’s $33 Million ICO, Co-Founder Ophir Gertner Set to Join NKOR For Upcoming ICO

Ophir Gertner, Co-Founder of Stox and Invest.com, announced this week he is set to join NKOR, a Blockchain technology-based solution to complex legal issues of copyright infringement. Gertner will not only invested in NKOR but also partnered the advisory board. Gertner Co-Founded Stox, which raised $33 million in… Read More

Floyd Mayweather will make a $hit T$n of Money in Fight with McGregor. But Will He Make a $hit T$n in this ICO?

We all know that Floyd Mayweather stands to make a killing in his fight with the 29 year old mixed martial arts pro Conor McGregor. But will he make a “$hit T$n” of money in this upcoming Initial Coin Offering? The Mayweather – McGregor fight… Read More

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