Beware the Tinder Cryptocurrency Seductress

A poster on Reddit is warning that “Asian Girls” on Tinder are engaging in sometimes month-long seductions to lure marks and their money to unreliable cryptocurrency projects.

In the post titled, “PSA: Watch out for girls from Tinder who like fashion, hiking, investing and other random things,” Redditor ‘bastian 74’ writes:

“Girls (mostly from Hong Kong) will play the very long game of leading you to believe they have an inside tip about a new crypto. They will talk to you for over a month possibly before they bring it up.”

“It sounds like an obvious scam when I summarize it, but they are successful. Since September two people alone have admitted in reviews to losing $60k combined with many others losing a few $K.”

“I almost fell for it but searched reviews of the exchange they tried to get me to use, first.”

“TLDR; Don’t trust girls from tinder who say they like to invest. Especially pretty profiles from China.”

Reactions to the post by other Redditors are varied.

‘Ascension8438’ confirmed that he or she had been lured in the manner described:

“I know this post looks kind of dumb, but you’d be surprised at how sophisticated the scamming can be.”

“I have been on Tinder lately, and doing decently with it. One day this girl from Singapore matches with me and we start chatting it up. She mentions that she is going to be in the USA in a few months, and I figure it doesn’t hurt to talk. We go back and forth for a couple of days but then the conversation just kind of fizzles out.”

“Like a week later, she made an update to her profile and so it shows up in my feed, and she had some comment in there about cryptocurrency which wasn’t there before. I am not a moron, I understand there is an incredibly high probability of scamming, but there’s definitely a part of my brain thinking ‘hmm, this hot girl is into things that I’m into and I hadn’t even realized it… neat!'”

“So I hit her back up and mention the crypto. She latched onto it hard, and is talking about how her relatives work for banks, and there is this new coin coming out which is going to be HUGE and the bank is going to buy it and it will 20x. She was sending me photos on WhatsApp that she supposedly took that weekend of her at a cryptocurrency conference. I just have to go to this shitty website which has a revoked SSL certificate and even works on unencrypted http, and I can load up on the coin there.”

“I was entertained by it, and then started ignoring her. The texts continued to come in almost daily from her. I muted her and just ignored it and they eventually stopped.”

“I’m not about to get scammed, I have a good skeptical mind, but I could see some people being taken in by this kind of thing. It’s impressive level scamming.”

‘PCVcolin’ wrote that Tinder is not the only platform with this type of scam circulating:

“And Telegram. Don’t get me started.”

‘Checkoutmysides’ was more lighthearted:

“If a person on tinder talks to me for over a month, they deserve a few k.”

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