Amazon Unveils New “Alexa, Pay For Gas” Feature

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has launched a new “Alexa, Pay For Gas” feature, which allows Amazon customers to purchase gas by using the Alexa app on their smartphones or Alexa-enable device in their car. The service is now available at Exxon and Mobil stations nationwide.

“No need to swipe your card, enter your zip code, or touch the keypad. With fuel payments secured by Amazon Pay, your data is more protected and your purchases are more streamlined.”

Here is how the service works:

  1. Pull up to the pump at your Exxon or Mobil station.
  2. Using the Alexa app on your phone or Alexa-enabled device in your car, say “Alexa, pay for gas.”
  3. Follow Alexa’s prompts to activate the pump.
  4. Fuel up and head out. Payment is handled automatically.

Amazon also noted “Alexa, pay for gas” uses the default payment option set in each Amazon account. Users do not need to tell Alexa their fuel grade. The “Alexa, pay for gas” feature is not available on Echo devices built for at-home use, including Echo, Echo Show, and Echo Dot, due to the fact that the devices do not support location services, required for Alexa to activate the correct pump and enable payment. Amazon added:

“‘Alexa, pay for gas’ is currently available at Exxon and Mobil stations only. If you are using the Alexa app or have devices that connect to the Alexa app, make sure location services is turned on under the phone’s settings and the Alexa app has permissions to access your location. For cars with Alexa built-in, consult the owner’s manual for location services connectivity.”

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