Tokenized Real Estate Market Just Below $26 Million, As Security Token Ecosystem Continues to Mature: Report


The Security Token Group (STG), which focuses on the fast-evolving blockchain-based security tokens space, has released their March 2021 edition of the Security Token Market Real Estate report.

As previously reported, Security Token Market ( hosts live-trading data from 33 different security tokens across the globe, and they also release monthly reports outlining each of these assets’ performance on the secondary market. You may check out the March 2021 Security Token Market Report here.

In addition to their report examining the nascent security token sector, the STG team also provides another market report that covers the main trading activity specifically for the emerging tokenized real estate industry.

This report, published by STG on April 22, 2021, mainly focuses on industry-specific stats and terms, and will “continue to grow as more properties are tokenized and listed in the coming months,” the company stated in a blog post.

Here are some of the important stats, shared in STG’s comprehensive report:

  • Tokenized Real Estate Market Cap: $26,993,170.23
  • Market Cap Monthly Change: -0.01%
  • March 2021 Trading Volume: $77,764.00
  • Trading Volume Monthly Change: +12.31%

Here are some other key stats:

St. Regis Aspen Resort — $1.25 (-0.79%)

  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Aspen, Colorado
  • Website
  • Market Cap: $22,500,000.00
  • Monthly High-Low: $1.28–$1.20
  • March 2021 Trading Volume: $64,365.00
  • Property Financials
    • Monthly Revenue (as of February 2021): $6,636,269
    • EBITDA (as of February 2021): $2,961,485
    • YTD Equity Appreciation: -1.57%
    • Dividend Schedule: TBD
  • Property Details
    • Property Type: Hotel
    • Property Manager: Elevated Returns
    • 179 units
    • Occupancy Rate (as of January 2021): 89.44%
    • Tokenization Issuance Platform: Aspen Digital
    • Exchange Listing: tZERO

Oosten Property — $0.01 ( — )

  • Multifamily Residential
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Website
  • Market Cap: $1,273,300
  • Monthly High-Low: $0.01–$0.01
  • March 2021 Trading Volume: $0
  • Property Financials
    • Initial Property Valuation: $1,000,000
    • YTD Equity Appreciation: 0%
    • Dividend Schedule: Semi-Annual
  • Property Details
    • Property Type: Condominium
    • Property Manager: Xinyuan Real Estate Co.
    • 216 units
    • Tokenization Issuance Platform: UPRETS
    • Exchange Listing: MERJ Exchange

16200 Fullerton Avenue — $148.06 (-0.17%)

  • Multifamily Residential
  • Detroit, Michigan
  • Website
  • Market Cap: $562,644.72
  • Monthly High-Low: $148.18– $139.25
  • March 2021 Trading Volume: $2,853.00
  • Property Financials
    • Property Valuation: $550,000
    • Net Rent / Year: $51,994.80
    • Rent / Token: $13.68 / year
    • Expected Yield: 9.45%
    • YTD Equity Appreciation: -3.19%
  • Property Details
    • Property Type: Apartment
    • Property Manager: RealT
    • 14,400 sq. ft. across 14 units
    • 10/14 units currently rented
    • Tokenization Issuance Platform: RealT
    • Exchange Listing: Uniswap

You may view the full report from STG here.

As reported last month, the tokenized real estate market managed to stay above $27 million, as the security token space continues to evolve.

Peter Gaffney from the Security Token Group (STG) recently noted that the significantly outsized return potential of angel investing, venture capital, and private equity are “well-known” in the finance industry.

Gaffney explains that traditionally, direct access to early-stage investing at “significant magnitudes” was mainly reserved for ultra-high net worth individuals or UHNWIs (with a net worth of at least $30 million). These investment opportunities had also been limited to individuals, family offices, dedicated funds, etc. — “pretty much entities that can foot the bill,” Gaffney added.

But with the recent legislative updates, access to the early-stage startup ecosystem is becoming a lot more widely-accessible, Gaffney confirmed. He also mentioned that companies dedicated to “sculpting the future of capital markets” like Security Token Group and Vertalo “played a key role in opening the legislators’ eyes to the paradigm shift happening within this realm.”

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