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tZERO Adds NYSE Executive and Former ICE CTO to Board of Directors

tZERO, a digital asset marketplace, has announced the appointment of two individuals to its board of directors. Edwin Marcial, former Senior Vice President and founding Chief Technology Officer of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE: ICE), and Michael Blaugrund, Chief Operating Officer of the New York Stock Exchange… Read More

Exodus Movement Reports Q1 Decline in Revenue, Loses $7.2 Million

Exodus Movement (tZERO: EXOD, Securitize Markets: EXOD) has reported its Q1 earnings and the digital asset firm says revenue declined to $15.4 million a drop of 35% year over year. Exodus described the performance as “in line with market trends.” Exodus is a digital asset… Read More

Medici Ventures Day to Discuss tZERO, Bitt, and More Former CFTC Chair to Speak on Future of Money

Pelion Venture Partners has announced a Medici Ventures Day. Pelion Venture Partners is the general partner of the fund that Overstock (NASDAQ: OSTK) enlisted to take over Medici Ventures, the former part of the business that oversaw tZERO as well as its other blockchain based… Read More

Reg CF Issuer NYCE Indicates Intent to Trade its Shares on BSTX

NYCE, a real estate investment platform, indicates in a recent filing that it intends to trade on BSTX, a regulated securities exchange. NYCE raised funding via several Reg CF offerings as well as a side-by-side Reg D 506c offering. First, in August 2020, NYCE raised… Read More

Ringing the Bell: tZERO Opens NYSE Trading as Former ICE Exec Becomes New CEO

Yesterday, tZERO – a digital securities marketplace providing both primary issuance and secondary trading in securities, rang the NYSE opening bell. The Fintech was celebrating both the strategic investment by ICE (NYSE:ICE), the parent company of the NYSE, as well as the start of its… Read More

Markus Levin: Co-founder at XYO Reveals their Plans for the Metaverse

We recently caught up with Markus Levin, Co-founder at XYO, a platform focused on developing a trustless system of Oracles that may enhance the existing location data systems. Levin talked about how the XYO platform is leveraging distributed ledger tech (DLT), smart contracts, and decentralized… Read More

Jonah Schulman from Security Token Market Shares Growth Plans, Strategy for 2022

Jonah Schulman from Security Token Market, which is sharply focused on the blockchain-based security tokens sector, recently shared his views and insights exclusively with Crowdfund Insider. Jonah Schulman, the Head of Communications at Security Token Market, explained why blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT)-powered security… Read More

Digital Securities: tZERO Starts Trading Myra Park’s Equity

Digital security marketplace tZERO ATS has started trading Myra Park, a property development in Dallas, Texas. Myra Park is being developed by MarketSpace Capital and is said to be the first security to commence trading on tZERO ATS following the launch of its self-clearing operations…. Read More

Former Interim tZERO CEO Alan Konevsky is Now Executive VP, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Office, ICE Takes Minority Position in Firm

Alan Konevsky, tZERO’s former interim CEO, has been made Executive VP, Chief Legal and Corporate Affairs Office of the digital asset marketplace, according to a note from the firm. Last week, it was announced that David Goone, the Chief Strategy Officer of Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:… Read More

First Approved US Exchange to Use Blockchain: BSTX CEO Shares Insight into the Future of Securities

Last month, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved BSTX as a national securities exchange thus ushering in the first regulated exchange utilizing blockchain technology. BSTX is a joint venture between BOX Digital Markets, LLC and tZERO, a digital asset firm that called SEC approval a “watershed event in… Read More

Digital Securities: tZERO ATS Now Offers Clearing and Settlement

tZERO ATS, a digital securities marketplace, now offers clearing and settlement securities transactions for itself and its broker-dealer affiliates in another step forward for its vision of the future of regulated securities. tZERO called the announcement a key milestone for its next-generation trading ecosystem. tZERO’s… Read More

tZERO Commences Trading of Curzio

Curzio Equity Owners digital security has started trading on tZERO ATS, a digital marketplace for digital assets. The shares represent preferred equity in Curzio Research, a newsletter founded by Frank Curzio that aims to provide market analysis and investing advice. Alan Konevsky, tZERO Interim Chief… Read More

Security Tokens Market Expected to Grow Significantly Because they’re Backed by Tangible, Real-World Assets: Report

The team at Security Token Market (STM) notes that cryptocurrencies have been an exciting yet “controversial” center of discussion heading into 2022. Virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 8,000+ others have “maneuvered their way into everything from traditional Wall Street boardrooms, to innovation hubs in Silicon… Read More

tZERO Comments on SEC Approval of BSTX Blockchain Enabled Exchange

Yesterday, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the first securities exchange to utilized blockchain technology. BSTX, a joint venture between tZERO and Box Digital Markets, may now trade publicly listed securities while benefitting from blockchain tech. This includes the ability for immediate settlement, transparent… Read More

SEC Approves BSTX to Operate First Securities Exchange Utilizing Blockchain Technology

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved BSTX as a national securities exchange thus ushering in an era of a regulated exchange utilizing blockchain technology. The complete SEC filing is available below. BSTX is a joint venture between BOX Digital Markets, LLC and tZERO. … Read More

SEC Settles with tZERO ATS Regarding Rule Violations

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has settled with tZERO ATS for transgressing certain rules. An ATS, or alternative trading system, is similar to an exchange as approved operators may facilitate trading of securities. According to the SEC, tZERO ATS must cease and desist from committing… Read More

Digital Securities: Exodus Movement Says it Will Repurchase $2 Million of its Shares

Exodus Movement (tZEROATS:EXOD), a digital asset firm that issued shares under Reg A+ hitting the $75 million funding cap, says it will repurchase up to $2 million of its shares at a per-share price of up to $55. Currently, shares trade at $21 – rising… Read More

Three Trends that We predict Will Shape Investment Crowdfunding in 2022

Investment crowdfunding took off when the JOBS Act regulation went into effect back in 2016 and has become a booming industry in short order. We saw some significant regulatory changes in March of this year, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) confirming capital formation… Read More

tZERO Receives Regulatory Approval to Settle and Clear Securities

tZERO, a digital asset trading and support platform, has announced that it has received approval to settle and clear securities for itself as well as its broker-dealer affiliates, according to a note from the company. It will also support NMS securities, which are public securities… Read More

tZERO Adds New Digital Assets to Crypto Trading App

tZERO, a trailblazer in the digital asset sector that operates a digital securities trading platform, has announced the addition of multiple cryptocurrencies to its Crypto App. According to tZERO, available on October 4, 2021, for trading is Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar Lumen (XLM), Cardano (ADA),… Read More

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