Interchain Foundation and BlockScience to Bring Robust and Complex Systems Engineering to Cosmos Stack

The Interchain Foundation and BlockScience are pleased to confirm their new partnership in order to bring “robust” and complex systems engineering to the Cosmos stack.

As noted in an update from the Interchain Foundation:

“To date, the Interchain Foundation has made significant investments in the correctness of core Cosmos components, including formal verification and model-based testing of the Tendermint consensus protocol and light client, and more recently the Inter-blockchain communication protocol.”

BlockScience is described as the “premier” mathematical engineering firm in the blockchain or distributed ledger tech (DLT) space, authoring the open-source cadCAD software suite and “applying rigorous data-driven methodologies to the design and analysis of complex systems involving distributed human and machine agents.”

As noted in the announcement, this collaboration will aim to expand the Cosmos verification effort to include economic systems engineering with “an initial focus first on the creation of a digital twin for the Cosmos staking system and forthcoming extensions of the staking model, staking derivatives and shared security.”

As explained in the update, the Interchain paradigm brings challenging economic problems, multi-chain fee pricing and routing methods, interactions between governance and automated control systems, “bounding risk in an adversarial distributed information environment.” As such, this partnership “represents a long-term alignment of organisations towards rigorous systems design and validation of socio-technical systems in the public interest,” the announcement noted.

As mentioned in the update:

“We are seeking two candidates who will be hired by the Interchain Foundation and Informal and receive training and mentorship from BlockScience to lead a Cosmos economic systems engineering initiative aimed at increasing the mechanistic guarantees and operational security of the Cosmos Hub and the Cosmos blockchain development stack.”

For additional information, you may check out the open Research Engineer role here.

Interchain Foundation or The ICF is the Swiss foundation funding and “pushing the frontiers of blockchain-related infrastructure.”

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