Growth DeFi Formally Announces Plans to Expand to Avalanche Network

Although it has previously been announced, the Growth DeFi team is now formally confirming their plans to introduce their complete ecosystem arsenal cross-chain on the Avalanche network.

Growth DeFi, which leverages the power of decentralized finance protocols to maximize capital efficiency and value, noted in a blog post that this launch involves the complete ecosystem going multi-chain, including the MOR and WHEAT protocols, “plus the tokens GRO, WHEAT, and MOR.”

Going fully cross-chain for the very first time is a major step forward for Growth DeFi, enabling more users to experience “greater capital efficiency for our products, creating even more value for our token holders plus opening the door to connect and partner with even more projects in the DeFi space.”

The Avalanche launch comes with “a few tweaks and surprises, including our hybrid WHEAT bridge, and new ilks for MOR.”

Growth DeFi added that they’re pleased to unveil their available tokens for MOR collateral and WHEAT farming below:


WHEAT pools (103x total multiplier): WHEAT (Autocompounding) 25x; GRO 10x; MOR 30x; WHEAT/AVAX 20x; GRO/AVAX 3x; MOR/AVAX 15x

In order to take advantage and prepare for the launch, the Growth DeFi team noted that there are a number of things users may do during the next few weeks as they close in on launch to be in the best position to take advantage of their “biggest expansion to date,” including:

  • Adding the Avalanche network to your MetaMask wallet:
  • Ensure you have AVAX to cover gas fees
  • Make sure to “have additional AVAX to purchase GRO/WHEAT/MOR for staking when live”
  • Buy WHEAT or GRO on BSC to “take advantage of the increase in TVL and buybacks as a result of the increased ecosystem activity.” GRO will be able to be “bridged on launch, and WHEAT after a few initial weeks with a hybrid structure.”

The Growth DeFi team further noted:

“We are looking forward to releasing more information very soon updating our progress and giving more detail into certain features of our expansion such as the WHEAT hybrid bridge, MOR self-repaying loans, [and more.]”

Although they’re endeavoring to launch on Avalanche in October, they have not “set any dates, as we have prerequisite matters to sort on BSC before we expand,” the developers clarified.

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