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DeFi Infrastructure Protocol Singularity Reports New Funding Round

Singularity, founded in late 2022, says it has concluded its second funding round at the end of 2023, with this round reportedly led by Gumi Cryptos Capital. The funding will support the development of its protocol, “aimed at facilitating compliant access to DeFi as well… Read More

Digital Asset Investment App Luno Adds Aave, MakerDAO, Curve

Luno, the cryptocurrency investment app, has announced that it introduced three new virtual currencies to invest in that are frequently used by decentralized finance (DeFi) traders and investors. Aave (AAVE) aims to connect lenders and borrowers in a direct manner, without requiring intermediaries or third-parties…. Read More

Tether Teams Up with DeFi Bridge rhino.fi to Enhance Cross-Chain Transactions

Tether, which claims to be the largest company in the cryptocurrency industry, and rhino.fi, a DeFi bridge, have announced a strategic collaboration aimed “at enhancing cross-chain transactions and improving the user experience for USDt within the DeFi space.” This collaboration will aim to “facilitate easier… Read More

Injective, a Blockchain for Web3 Finance Apps, Announces Volan Chain Upgrade

Injective, a blockchain for Web3 finance applications, announced its Volan chain upgrade, marking its “largest” mainnet upgrade to date. Injective has introduced a Real World Asset (RWA) Module, offering a new approach “to creating and managing permissioned assets with extensive customization options.” This module enables… Read More

Architect Partners Releases Crypto M&A and Financing Report, Focused on Crypto-related Dealmaking Activity

Architect Partners LLC, the M&A and strategic financing advisor to crypto, digital asset, blockchain, DeFi and fintech companies, released its Year-End 2023 Global Crypto M&A and Financing Report, the “for analysis into the global activity that is shaping the landscape of crypto dealmaking.” The research… Read More

Bitcoin ETF Decision Is “Irrelevant” to DeFi, According to Haven1 Co-Founder Jeff Owens

Jeff Owens, co-founder of Haven1, says that any impact a potential spot bitcoin ETF rejection by the SEC has on the DeFi market will “be temporary and has nothing to do with fundamentals in the space.” However, he says that “in the short term, lower… Read More

Ethereum Adoption: Multichain System of Independent Networks and Appchains Benefits ETH Network, Boosts Scalability, Resilience – Report

As we get ready for another crypto bull market, with Bitcoin surging past $45,000 in anticipation of expected BTC ETF approvals, it’s worth taking a look back at key industry developments. The crypto industry has reflected on significant developments throughout 2023 and plans towards a… Read More

Digital Assets and DeFi Adoption: Liquid Staking Product xALGO Launches on Avalanche

Folks Finance, the DeFi app on Algorand, continues its expansion into new networks by bringing xALGO into the Avalanche ecosystem. Powered by Wormhole technology, this is reportedly “the first Avalanche-Algorand cross-chain DeFi product available.” xALGO is a liquid staking derivative; “a yield-bearing version of ALGO… Read More

DeFi May Attract Mainstream Users in 2024 with Help of Innovations Like RWA Tokenization, Blockchain Professional Predicts

Jeff Owens, co-founder of Haven1, says that decentralized finance (DeFi) will finally attract mainstream users in 2024, “with the help of innovations like RWA tokenization and the hype around a potential ether spot ETF approval.” However, he also claims that wider adoption “will only happen… Read More

DeFi Adoption: Folks Finance Selects LI.FI to Enable DEX Integrations for Cross-Chain Lending Protocol

Folks Finance has chosen LI.FI in order to power the swaps and DEX integrations for its upcoming cross-chain protocol. Set to launch in Q2 2024, the expansion from Folks Finance will aim to “introduce a unique hub-and-spoke model to DeFi lending, seamlessly unifying multiple blockchains… Read More

IOSCO Publishes Report on DeFi: Makes Nine Policy Recommendations

IOSCO (International Organization of Securities Commissions) has shared its opinion on DeFi, or decentralized finance, by providing nine policy recommendations for regulation. DeFi is an approach to using technology to remove a central counterpart to manage transactions and services. Some blockchain proponents believe this is… Read More

Masa Is Launching ZK-Data Network to Support Incentivized Economy for World’s Personal Data

Masa is launching its ZK-data network and marketplace in hopes of “building an open, secure, and incentivized economy for the world’s personal data.” The launch is slated for Q1 2024. Masa aims to finally empower people to “take back control of their data and be… Read More

Canada Could Be on Right Crypto Regulation Path: Unterman

An industry watcher believes Canada’s pragmatic approach to DeFi regulation could position it well in the future. Canadian Aaron Unterman is the managing director of Xreg Consulting. Unterman said Canada’s approach to cryptocurrency regulation has been to apply its existing capital markets framework to crypto… Read More

Massive Ledger Security Event Impacted Numerous Crypto Apps, Industry Professional Provides Guidance for Securing Assets in Self-Custody

Jameson Lopp, co-founder and CTO at Casa, has shared key insights after the widely reported Ledger hack / security breach that appears to be impacting a large number of DeFi platforms and dApps, with some unconfirmed reports indicating major losses of crypto funds. Lopp, who… Read More

Ethereum Adoption: zkSync Is Joining Chainlink SCALE Program to Support zkSync Era, the zkEVM ETH L2 Scaling Solutin

Matter Labs, an engineering and cryptography research company working on and developing software in relation to the zkSync protocol, a layer-2 trustless protocol that provides a scaling solution for Ethereum, and Chainlink Labs, the primary contributing developer of Chainlink, the decentralized computing platform powering the… Read More

SlowMist Analysis of Crypto Address Spoofing Attacks Examines Web3 Platform’s Security Vulnerabilities in Smart Contracts

On December 5, 2023, thirdweb, a Web3 foundational development platform, reported security vulnerabilities in its pre-built smart contracts. As noted in a blog post by SlowMist, this issue affects all tokens “deployed using these pre-built smart contracts, including ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 tokens.” Based on… Read More

Regtech Uppsala Security Analyzes DeFi Hack: Raft Protocol Exploit – A Hacker’s “Miscalculation” Leads to Major Loss

A couple of weeks ago, the cryptocurrency community witnessed a “peculiar” and complex exploit within the Raft Protocol, which is described as a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform operating on the Ethereum network. This incident, now widely referred to as the “Raft Protocol Exploit,” stands out… Read More

DeFi and Crypto Security Incidents Report: Significant Number of Hacks, Malicious Activities Occurred within Blockchain Sector in Nov 2023

Based on the insights from the SlowMist Blockchain Hacked Archive, the month of November 2023 was marked by “a significant number of security breaches within the blockchain sector.” In total, 47 distinct incidents were recorded, “cumulatively leading to a substantial loss estimated at around $349… Read More

Term Structure Celebrates $4.25M Seed Round

Term Structure, a non-custodial fixed-income protocol that provides peer-to-peer, fixed-rate, and fixed-term borrowing and lending in decentralized finance, has secured initial seed funding of $4.25 million. Cumberland DRW led this round, with participation from Decima Fund, HashKey Capital, Longling Capital, and MZ Web3 Fund. The… Read More

Matthew Commons of Verified USD Foundation: Blockchain Professional Reveals Challenges Facing Legacy Stablecoins and Development of DeFi

We recently connected with Matthew Commons, President of the Verified USD Foundation, which aims to facilitate seamless, equitable and transparent on-chain and off-chain transactions within the Web3 ecosystem, backed by the Verified USD (USDV) stablecoin. Commons reportedly comes with more than a decade of blockchain… Read More