Tikkie Introduces New ‘Groepie’ Features for Settling Group Spending

The Tikkie app, launched in 2016 to make payments easier, recently added a new functionality.

‘Groepie’ is a smart feature that “allows multiple users to track and settle costs incurred as a group, greatly simplifying group payments made through Tikkie.”

The new feature “is quick and easy to use: in a few simple steps you create a Groepie in the Tikkie app where members of the group can share their costs.”

You can “invite members in various ways including by WhatsApp.” Tikkie takes care of the maths, “so you never have to deal with squabbles about money or do sums on the back of a beer mat again.”

Tikkie, the ABN AMRO (AMS: ABN) payment app that recorded over eight million users this summer, now also “supports group expenses.”

Groepie is “an easy-to-use feature for settling shared costs after a night on the town with friends, a team event or a blow-out bachelor or bachelorette party.”

Tikkie’s Rogier Brinker explains:

“Tikkie is often used for settling amounts that one person has paid up front. With Groepie, it’s now possible to track and settle shared costs – an incredibly useful feature that many of our users have been calling for. This is borne out by Tikkie’s own data. More and more of the payment descriptions refer to things like ‘weekend away’, ‘baby shower’, ‘groceries’ and so on. From now on those costs can be settled very simply in Groepie.”

With Groepie you can “track any kind of shared costs and see who owes each other what at the end of the day.”

This comes in handy “for one-off events as well as long-term spending, such as keeping track of the shared costs incurred within a household.” Students sharing accommodation “will no longer need to rack their brains to divide up the costs each of them has fronted.”

Thanks to Tikkie’s new feature, “misunderstandings about money will be a thing of the past and all users can see real-time the costs entered in a Groepie.” So everyone can “put money in the kitty and settling up will no longer be a headache.”

Brinker added:

“We expect Groepie to be used a lot. Especially given that our Tikkie app recorded eight million users this summer. We’re very proud that Tikkie has become part of everyday life for half the country, totaling 16 billion euros worth of payments since day one. We’re now introducing a smart new functionality to the app that allows you to settle shared costs easily within a group, without needing to switch back and forth between various apps or tools to divvy up the costs. You can simply settle up with a Tikkie. So the good times you shared can end on a good note too.”

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