Aunalytics Comments on Security Priorities During Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Aunalytics, a data management and analytics company delivering managed IT and data platform services for mid-sized and enterprise businesses, “highlighted top security priorities to follow when reinforcing defensive security strategies against malicious cyber threats.”

The guidance is “provided as Cybersecurity Awareness Month comes to a close in October, after a month of focus on the subject.”

According to Check Point Research (CPR), “2022 began with a massive exploitation of one of the most serious vulnerabilities on the internet, the Apache log4j, and continued with full blown cyber warfare from the Russia-Ukraine war. The second quarter of 2022 saw an all-time peak, where global cyber-attacks increased by 32%, compared to Q2 2021. The average weekly attacks per organization worldwide reached a peak of 1.2K attacks.”

In response to the rising number of attacks, Aunalytics is “providing guidance and solutions to strengthen, educate and defend business IT systems and data from attack.”

These include “having a comprehensive Vulnerability Management (VM) solution, Security Awareness Training, and beginning a Security Maturity Journey – all backed by Aunalytics’ expert cybersecurity team.”

Aunalytics cybersecurity solutions experts recommend the following:

  • Vulnerability Management (VM) – Replaces manual efforts to protect the network from bad actors using high quality equipment and tools that are typically limited to enterprise organizations. Without a VM solution in place, it is exceedingly difficult to find individuals who have slipped into the network. A VM solution is overseen by security professionals and discovers devices on a network, determines if they are vulnerable and fixes any underlying issues, while concurrently protecting the network as fixes are implemented.
  • Security Awareness Training – Security management and training are crucial for businesses to avoid digital disasters. Security awareness training is necessary to educate employees about the digital dangers in their environment and how to properly deal with them. Aunalytics provides expert knowledge and toolsets that employees need in order to better protect the organization.
  • Security Maturity Journey – If system security is not keeping up with the rapidly changing threat landscape, it will become obsolete and more vulnerable to bad actors. Security maturity means adapting and improving security as the environment changes and grows. It means taking strategic actions like deploying active defenses with the help of security intelligence from multiple sources. Businesses can evolve from a legacy security state to security maturity with the help of a trusted partner.

The growing threat of cybercrime is “a risk to any organization connected to the Internet. Attacks can arrive in forms that include phishing, spear phishing, ransomware attacks, zero-day attacks, known vulnerability exploits, sensitive data breaches, brute-force attacks and more.”

Secure Managed Services by Aunalytics “offers peace of mind in knowing that IT environments are monitored and managed at all times with the goal of eliminating the risk of data exfiltration or infrastructure downtime.”

Steven Burdick, VP, Sales, Cloud & Managed Services, stated:

“End-to-end protection requires actions and defenses that consider the entirety of systems and software throughout an organization. It also means educating employees so they are ‘security aware’ to help reduce the number of threats that may enter through vulnerable endpoints. Aunalytics protects organizations on their security journey, deploying a defensive cybersecurity framework that provides the technology and expertise for better security posture.”

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