Fintech ZEBEDEE Re-Launches App with New Earning, Digital Identity Features

ZEBEDEE, a Fintech and next-generation payment processor for the gaming industry,  announced the relaunch of its flagship product, the ZEBEDEE app.

The revamped app “brings shopping and digital identity features to transform the previously Bitcoingaming-focused app into a hub of virtual economies centered around rewarded gaming.”

The ZEBEDEE app now “contains a full circular economy – users can find games and apps that let them earn real-money rewards, then cash out their earnings in Bitcoin (via a partnership with MoonPay) or shop for 5000+ products and services inside the app, using gift cards (via a partnership with Bitrefill).”

If a user hasn’t earned enough rewards to shop for what they want, “it’s not a problem either – they can simply top up using their credit or debit cards.” All of these economy-focused features are available in over 100 countries where ZEBEDEE “is currently present.” And since the entire system is based on ZEBEDEE’s payments tech built on top of Bitcoin, transactions “are near-instant and carry exceptionally low fees.”

Beyond the payments and shopping-oriented features, this milestone for ZEBEDEE’s flagship app “brings a new layer into the mix: digital identity with unique 3D avatars.”

One month after ZEBEDEE announced their partnership with Ready Player Me, a metaverse digital identity company, that collaboration is “bearing fruit in the form of the first version of ZBD Avatars.”

Users can now “create their own avatars in the ZEBEDEE app and use it across the Ready Player Me ecosystem.” Over time, this same avatar will “become available in more and more games and apps from the thousands of integrations going live using this system.” And it’s more than just good looks – ZEBEDEE has an ambitious plan “for connecting virtual identities with virtual economies.”

Ben Cousens, Chief Strategy Officer at ZEBEDEE, said:

“ZEBEDEE is centered around earning and spending Bitcoin rewards seamlessly as you traverse the web, while our new virtual identity features center around avatars as two sides of the same coin impacting the gamer experience.” 

Ben added:

“We’re building towards a future where money flows as easily as information, with economic activity more closely tied to the apps and games you use as well as how you present yourself in them. We’re enabling our users to earn money in game A, collect a cool skin for your avatar in game B, sell that skin in game C, top up a bit with your credit card, then use that money to pay for your phone bill. All inside the ZEBEDEE app. And all without ever really thinking about it being finance or even necessarily realizing that it’s powered by Bitcoin on the infrastructure layer. It’ll just be seamless and natural.”

As noted in the update, ZEBEDEE claims it is “the leading Fintech and next-generation payment processor for the gaming industry, backed by global VCs and gaming studios including Initial Capital, Lakestar, Kingsway Capital, The Raine Group, and Square Enix.”

Its sophisticated tools “enable developers to create real economies in video games for players and communities.”

ZEBEDEE erases the boundaries between real and virtual worlds by “powering instant global payments of any size for any game, site or application through the Bitcoin Lightning Network.”

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