Blockchain and AI are Not Complementary

Artificial intelligence is all the rage right now – fueled by the novelty of ChatGPT, an application that helps provide the masses with a concrete example of what is possible today, along with a look into the future. Blockchain has been the new shiny for years now and distributed ledger technology aims to reduce friction in transactions, or disintermediate interactions altogether in a “trustless” process.

Well, both technologies are here to stay, with new uses being developed every day. At least one person does not believe the two technologies should be married, stating that there is absolutely no way for AI and crypto/blockchain to mix.

Andre Cronje, Lead Developer at Fantom, a vocal member of the DeFi community, took to Twitter today proclaiming his belief, adding that anyone that “jumps on the AI bandwagon is simply doing so for “pump and dump reasons.” He slammed those that pivot to AI, stating they probably had nothing to begin with and are “dead in the water.”

CI received a statement via email where Cronje added:

“Blockchain and AI are not complementary, and (for now) anyone that jumps on the ‘AI’ bandwagon is simply doing so for pump & dump reasons. If you see a project ‘pivot to AI’, it just means they had nothing and are dead in the water. If (and that is a very unlikely if) we get to a point where blockchain could handle the kind of throughput required for neural net needs, we may be able to see them on-chain, but even then, the question would be; ‘but why?’. Blockchains don’t improve AI, and AI doesn’t improve blockchain.”

So are blockchain oil and water? Let us know your thoughts…

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