BTC Adoption: Australian Fintech Nine25 Announces Ability to Purchase Bitcoin via their Platform

The team at Nine25 is pleased to announce the ability to purchase Bitcoin via their platform (coming soon).

Starting now, Nine25 aims “to establish itself as the most convenient platform for acquiring Bitcoin.”

At Nine25, their goal is “to ensure financial independence for everyone.”

They achieve part of this by “offering easy access to the Bitcoin network and promoting its usability, ultimately creating an unparalleled financial experience.”

‍To provide Australia’s premier financial experience, they “prioritize affordability, reliability, simplicity, and security in acquiring Bitcoin through various means such as purchasing, deposits, rewards, and more.”

‍This move marks another stride “toward becoming the ultimate money app, enabling Australians to do money better.”

They now “embark on the journey to become the preferred service for acquiring Bitcoin.”

Presenting the option to purchase Bitcoin on Nine25 is “just the start of our investment options and Nine25’s Wealth platform rollout.”

‍At Nine25, they firmly believe “that the Bitcoin (plus Lightning) network represents an unprecedented milestone in human history, as it is the fastest, most cost-effective, and inclusive monetary network ever created.”

‍They envision Bitcoin as “the catalyst for dematerializing conventional monetary networks, ushering in a remarkable transition towards a truly open and global monetary ecosystem.”

In this new era, the days of exorbitant fees “imposed by closed monetary networks are numbered.”

Nine25 now features “a dedicated Buy Bitcoin option in its primary action menu, where all users can find things like Send with ~streamtag, Invest and Add Money.”

‍To make a purchase, users simply “select Buy Bitcoin, click on the “Buy” button, enter the desired amount, and confirm the transaction.”

‍There are reportedly “no hidden fees, no need to sift through lesser cryptocurrencies, and no unnecessary distractions.”

This is how accumulating satoshis should be, the firm notes in a blog post.‍

As mentioned in the update, a single Bitcoin is “divisible, just like dollars, and the smallest unit is called a satoshi.”

There is a common misconception “that you can only purchase one whole Bitcoin when in fact you can own small fractions of Bitcoin.”

The satoshi is not “the only subdivision of bitcoin. A millibitcoin is a term for one-thousandth of a bitcoin or 0.001 BTC.” A microbitcoin “is one-millionth of a bitcoin or 0.000001 BTC.”

On the Lightning network, it is possible “to transact using a unit even smaller than the satoshi. Known as the millisatoshi, it represents one-thousandth of the size of a single satoshi, but this is not usable on the bitcoin network itself.‍”

‍‍As explained, the Buy Bitcoin option “allows you to own bitcoin.”

However, the Bitcoin feature “lays the groundwork for much more.” They feel that “the best financial experience in the world should allow our customers to accumulate Bitcoin in as many ways as possible.”

‍The firm added that they are working towards giving our customers access to:

  • ‍Buy Bitcoin
  • Send Bitcoin
  • Get paid in Bitcoin
  • Get rewards in Bitcoin
  • Round-up-savings in Bitcoin‍

They concluded:

“We are committed to expanding access to innovative ways for our customers to build wealth and manage their everyday money, which is anticipated to take place in the upcoming weeks. We’re on a mission to introduce our customers, Australia’s youngest workers to the future of money, starting with as little as $1. With your help we’re striving to thoroughly test, refine, gather feedback, and ensure our readiness to serve millions of Australians. We’ll continually widen access to everyone once we launch publicly, which we expect to be in the coming weeks, introducing our community to a future of money without borders.”

Australian fintech Nine25 also says it “set the benchmark for the rest of the Australian banking and financial services industry to follow by announcing the launch of the fastest transaction account opening in just 30 seconds.”

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