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US Claims Over 80% of Spot Bitcoin ETF Market, Surpassing Canada – Report

The US has reportedly captured 83% of the Spot Bitcoin ETF market, overtaking Canada. This, according to an update from CoinGecko. Spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are “incorporated in 11 countries worldwide and traded in just 6 geographical markets,” the team at CoinGecko noted. CoinGecko… Read More

Bitcoin and Crypto Market Movements Align with Pre-Halving Rally, A Trend Observed in Previous BTC Cycles – Analysis

With Bitcoin (BTC), the flagship cryptocurrency, finally surging past the $52,000 mark at the time of writing, a pre-halving rally reminiscent of previous cycles seems to be unfolding. This is according to an update shared by the analysts at Bitfinex. To shed light on this… Read More

OKX Ventures Invests in Bitmap Tech to Support Growth of Bitcoin Ecosystem

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of leading crypto exchange and Web3 technology company OKX, is pleased to announce its investment partnership with Bitmap Tech, the team behind Merlin Chain, a native Bitcoin Layer 2. Bitmap Tech currently boasts an overall market cap “that exceeds US$500… Read More

Digital Assets Survey Reveals Bitcoin and Ethereum Have Most Compelling Growth Outlook

James Butterfill, Head Of Research at CoinShares, has shared the results of the latest digital asset fund manager survey. As noted in the update, 75% of all respondents believe Bitcoin and Ethereum have “the most compelling growth outlook.” As mentioned in the report, digital assets… Read More

Bitcoin Mining Focused Marathon Digital Announces Agreement with Affiliates of Hut8 Mining Corp.

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:MARA) , a key industry participant focused on supporting and securing the Bitcoin ecosystem, has entered into an agreement with affiliates of Hut8 Mining Corp. in order to remove Hut8 as the operator of two Bitcoin mining sites recently acquired by… Read More

OKX Ventures Invests in Stablecoin Protocol Focused on the Bitcoin (BTC) Ecosystem

OKX Ventures, the investment arm of crypto exchange and Web3 technology company OKX, announced that it has invested in bitSmiley, a stablecoin protocol in the Bitcoin ecosystem. bitSmiley is a company that “provides comprehensive Bitcoin DeFi solutions, aiming to fill the gap of stablecoins and… Read More

Crypto Analyst Examines Investment and Trading Strategies Related to Bitcoin and Altcoin Performance in Bull Markets

Dan Morehead, the Founder and Managing Partner of Pantera Capital, recently looked into whether altcoins can outperform Bitcoin during this bull cycle. Dan Morehead noted that this is a question they often hear from digital assets and blockchain industry participants. His colleagues Cosmo Jiang and… Read More

Digital Assets Market Poised for Mainstream Adoption, Anticipated Launch of a Spot ETF Stands as Milestone in Bitcoin’s History – Report

Kyle Waters and Tanay Ved from Coin Metrics noted that digital assets rebounded sharply in 2023 as market conditions “improved across the board and institutional interest accelerated alongside the impending launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF.” Looking to 2024, there are a number of important… Read More

$100K Bitcoin (BTC) Price Target Not Far-Fetched Even Within Next Six Months, According to Analyst

Most Bitcoin rallies over the last decade share a theme, they “accelerate as they progress,” according to an update shared with CI. Trading.biz analyst Cory Mitchell notes that “Major rallies often start as a bowl shape, but then the price accelerates and the rally starts… Read More

Bitcoin Adoption: BRC-20 Token Standard Emerges as Key Contributor to Evolution of BTC Network and Ecosystem

Since its launch in March 2023, the BRC-20 token standard has swiftly garnered significant attention among investors and developers, “emerging as a key influencer in the evolution of the Bitcoin ecosystem,” according to an update from CertiK. CertiK has provided an initial overview of the… Read More

BTC Adoption: Blockstream Announces Series 2 Launch of Bitcoin denominated Investment Vehicle

Blockstream, the global firm focused on Bitcoin infrastructure technology, has  announced the upcoming Series 2 launch of its Bitcoin-denominated investment vehicle, the Blockstream ASIC (BASIC) Note. As stated in a blog post by Blockstream, here ar ethe Key Facts: Series 1 was oversubscribed, demonstrating strong… Read More

Financial Crime Report Reveals Bitcoin (BTC) Network’s Growing Role in Laundering of Stolen Crypto

The laundering of “ill-gotten” cryptocurrency exerts a multifaceted impact on global financial and security landscapes, “presenting challenges for businesses, governments, and individuals alike,” according to an update from CertiK. CertiK notes in a blog post that for businesses, particularly those operating within the fintech and… Read More

Bitcoin Core 26.0 Now Live, Ushering in an Updated Version of the Digital Asset – Report

This past week saw the release of Bitcoin Core 26.0, ushering in a new version of “Bitcoin,” the team at NYDIG noted. While the Bitcoin ecosystem at large consists of numerous pieces of software that interoperate (wallets, mining software, Lightning, alternative implementations of Bitcoin written… Read More

Marathon Digital Shares Bitcoin (BTC) Production and Mining Operation Updates for Nov 2023

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:MARA), a firm focused on supporting and securing the Bitcoin ecosystem, published unaudited bitcoin (BTC) production and miner installation updates for November 2023. Fred Thiel, Marathon’s chairman and CEO, said: “In November, we increased our domestic energized hash rate 20% to… Read More

Bitcoin Mining and Data Center Provider Riot Acquires 18 EH/s and Secures Long-Term Supply of Hash Rate from MicroBT

Riot Platforms, Inc. (NASDAQ: RIOT), an firm focused on Bitcoin (BTC) mining and data center hosting, announced that it has executed a purchase option and updated its long-term purchase agreement with MicroBT Electronics Technology Co., LTD, “through its manufacturing subsidiaries, a prominent manufacturer of Bitcoin… Read More

Bitcoin Fundamental Outlook: BTC Now Considered a Digital Alternative to Physical Gold – Report

Bitcoin’s price continued to rise in November and the crypto recovery broadened to a wider array of market segments, the Grayscale team noted. Grayscale also mentioned in a report that financial markets relaxed “about certain macro risks, including the geopolitical conflict in the Middle East… Read More

Bitcoin ETFs Application Process Updates Indicate Final Decision to Likely Come Down to Last Few Days – Report

The CME report highlights some interesting facts about “trader positioning,” according to an update shared by NYDIG Research. Updates to Bitcoin/crypto ETFs in the application process “indicate the final decision will likely come down to the final few days,” NYDIG noted. And hash rate surges… Read More

Bitcoin Ownership Is Widely Distributed: Only 2.3% of Holders Own 1 or More BTC – Report

Bitcoin ownership is widely distributed across a variety of groups, according to an update from Grayscale. The report reveals that 74% of Bitcoin (BTC) owners currently hold less than about 0.01 worth of Bitcoin (~$350 as of November 6th, 2023). The research report also mentions… Read More

New Argentina President Javier Milei Is Pro-Bitcoin and Critical of Centralized Financial Institutions: Grayscale Report

On Sunday November 19, 2023, Argentina elected its next president, Javier Milei, which briefly caused “a noticeable surge in the price of Bitcoin and underscores the direct impact of political shifts on the crypto ecosystem.” Milei is a libertarian who aims to upend the economic… Read More

Custodia’s Bitcoin (BTC) Custody Platform Is Now Live

Custodia‘s Bitcoin custody platform recently went live. Custodia is a bank that is reportedly built by Bitcoiners “offering segregated (not omnibus) accounts on our custom-built Bitcoin custody platform.” Custodia’s Bitcoin custody service is said to be “purpose-built for businesses: fiduciaries, including investment advisers, investment managers… Read More

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