NFTs: French Multinational Sodexo BRS Chooses Internet Computer for NFT Launch

As a part of their global rebranding to Pluxee across 31 countries, the French multinational giant Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services (Sodexo BRS), a publicly listed leader in tech-enabled employee benefits and engagement platform, embarked on a journey “to embrace the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to increase employee engagement and enrich culture.”

In collaboration with the DFINITY Foundation, a contributor to the Internet Computer protocol, and Yumi, a digital marketplace for NFTs on ICP, the newly branded Pluxee launched an exclusive NFT collection for their 5000+ employees.

This move not only “showcases their commitment to adopting cutting-edge blockchain technology, it also brings to life a fun and innovative NFT use case for enterprise initiatives with an aim to shape company culture.”

Sodexo’s goal was “to completely reorient the employees to the new brand values of being digitally native and give each employee the opportunity to mint their first NFT.”

To do this at scale, Sodexo required a blockchain “that could offer a web2-like experience to their employees, while leveraging the core benefits of security that blockchains offer.”

With speed and efficiency being critical, the Internet Computer “was unanimously the blockchain of choice.”

The X-Collection was revealed “on the day of the rebrand announcement at a Sodexo event in Paris.”

Each employee had the opportunity “to scan a QR code and mint an exclusive NFT out of a collection of 5000 NFTs.” The NFT collection was “designed using AI tools by a known NFT artist, Candace Marquette.” The NFT collection represents “the diversity and culture of the Sodexo employees.”

Their employees were “encouraged to interact, trade, and connect with each other through the shared experience of the X Collection This unique initiative sparked conversations, strengthened relationships, and created a dynamic community within the organization, all while leveraging the transformative capabilities of NFTs.”

Pluxee employees are feeling proud “to be a part of the new NFT-enabled organization and have begun to use the X-Collection NFTs as their profile pictures.”

To encourage more and more employees to mint their NFTs, another great incentive was to link each mint “with a donation to the Stop Hunger Foundation, which is again a deeply embedded initiative at Sodexo.”

This NFT launch provided an opportunity to reinforce this message.

The X-Collection is fully “hosted on the Internet Computer blockchain, a fully decentralized, general-purpose blockchain, suited for large-scale enterprise solutions.”

The key factors that make the Internet Computer the blockchain of choice for enterprise solutions are:

  • Zero gas fees, enabling a seamless user experience for employees experiencing Web3 for the first time.
  • All NFT assets are on-chain, which provides immutability and security.
  • The Internet Computer blockchain stands out for its energy efficiency and sustainability which aligns with Sodexo’s values.
  • Zero downtime since mainnet launch.
  • Reduced costs associated with hosting, infrastructure maintenance and cybersecurity.

Suvodeep Das, Global VP of Multi-benefits & Gift, said:

“Pluxee is digital-first and committed to remaining at the forefront of technological advances such as blockchain and NFTs. DFINITY and Yumi provided the support to access this new technology quickly, and efficiently, delivering great employee experience with minimal impact on the environment and remaining true to the Pluxee brand.” 

With a mission to empower artists and foster meaningful connections, Yumi’s Marketplace plays “a crucial role in this collaboration with Pluxee by offering its NFT as a Service (NFTaaS) platform.”

Yumi NFT Marketplace Head of Growth, Melissa Song, says:

“We are honored to collaborate with Pluxee on their inaugural NFT collection launch. Our mission at Yumi NFT Marketplace is to empower artists and provide a platform for meaningful connections. Through this partnership, we are excited to help Pluxee deepen their relationships with their employees using the power of NFTs and blockchain technology.”

Pluxee marks an exciting chapter “in its employee engagement journey, and an equally exciting one for the Internet Computer as a business solution platform.”

With regards to enterprise solutions, the Internet Computer can “serve as an autonomous cloud for many potential enterprise use cases — from supply chain solutions, to secure data sharing, to simple self-custody solutions, and tokenized programs like this one from Sodexo.”

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