Working Capital Fintech C2FO Surpasses $300B in Funding for Businesses

C2FO, which claims to be one of the world’s on-demand working capital platforms, recently announced that on July 21, it “passed the $300 billion mark in total funding to its customers.”

This record funding amount “reflects invoices paid an average of 31 days early via C2FO’s working capital platform.” C2FO gets vital, low-cost capital into customers’ hands quickly so they can “take advantage of growth opportunities and plan for today’s changing and often challenging times.”

The company’s mission of “ensuring every company around the world has the capital needed to thrive is the cornerstone of its business.”

C2FO reached $300 billion “in accelerated funding less than 1.5 years after surpassing $200 billion in funding in March 2022.” This recent milestone demonstrates “the continued strong demand for more efficient and affordable sources of working capital for businesses.”

Recent surveys from the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank confirm that banks are “tightening their lending standards.”

While predictions of a 2023 recession have lessened, businesses are still facing increased challenges when it “comes to securing loans and lines of credit.” With limited support from the traditional financial system, businesses face “reduced access to funding and an increased cost for that funding.”

C2FO eliminates risk-based underwriting and “allows businesses to access low-cost, convenient capital on their terms.” Instead of waiting 60 to 120 days to pay their suppliers, buyers on the C2FO platform “pay their suppliers in less than two days on average, allowing every supplier to receive needed funds in exchange for a small discount incentive.”

C2FO’s unique win-win model “enables its buyers to improve their margins and provide fast, impactful help to their supply chains.” In the first half of 2023, the average C2FO enterprise buyer customer enjoyed “more than $1 million in improved EBITDA.” During this same time, the platform “delivered over $35 billion in funding to supplier customers — capital that helped them grow and become stronger participants in the global supply chain.”

C2FO’s founder and CEO Alexander “Sandy” Kemper said:

“When we celebrated our first accelerated invoice in 2010, we knew we had created something that might have a shot at redefining working capital finance for the better. This $300 billion is money businesses didn’t have to borrow, personally guarantee or pay interest on. Instead, they can focus on what matters most: adding jobs, creating new products and building for the future. It really is just two clicks to cash, so why borrow working capital when it can be accelerated instead?”

As noted in the update, C2FO claims it is “the world’s on-demand working capital platform, providing fast, flexible and equitable access to low-cost capital to nearly 2 million businesses worldwide.”

Using patented Name Your Rate technology and a suite of working capital solutions, companies can get paid sooner “by the world’s largest enterprises — unlocking billions in risk-free capital.”

With a mission of ensuring that every business has the capital needed to thrive, C2FO has delivered “more than $300 billion in funding around the world.”

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Kansas City, USA, “with offices around the globe, C2FO is working to build a better, more inclusive financial system every day.”

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