Fintech Firm Brex Expands Travel Solution with Launch of New Features

Brex, which claims to be the first fully unified global spend platform, today launched group events — an expansion of Brex travel that “enables businesses to create and manage large scale, group corporate events for employees.”

With this launch, Brex says it is “the first and only T&E solution with a native travel experience that allows companies to book and manage events, travel, offsites, and more for globally distributed teams of any size with an unlimited number of attendees.”

Over the past few years, the rise in distributed teams “has brought about new ways of working, which have in turn put a premium on the importance of in-person events to help foster meaningful connections.”

When compared to pre-COVID-19 pandemic, Brex has “observed a >3x increase in offsite spend across its customers, highlighting the demand for in-person moments.”

However, the existing tools for “creating, organizing, and managing large corporate events are outdated and disjointed, leading to frustration, overspend, and wasted time for finance teams, managers, and employees.”

Brex travel’s group events feature delivers a markedly better experience by:

  • Allowing event coordinators to manage all types of travel needs, such as organizing events, inviting attendees, sharing budgets and customizing travel policies.
  • Making it easy to plan group events of any size, such as company offsites, global team-building events, conferences, and customer events.
  • Offering event management functionality including RSVP, agenda access, food allergy and preference management, all from one place. Admins can then monitor attendee status and provide information for a successful event.
  • Enabling attendees to book and manage their travel needs across flights, hotels, and car rentals, using a Brex card for seamless expensing or personal cards for reimbursements.
  • All of the above can be done directly in the Brex travel dashboard or mobile app, ensuring greater collaboration, duty of care, and control of spend.

Henrique Dubugras, co-founder and co-CEO of Brex, said:

“Corporate travel has made a strong comeback, but companies are now more globally distributed than ever before and require a travel and events solution that meets the needs of their modern workforces. With the launch of group events, Brex is the premier offering in the market supporting large enterprise teams with unlimited users in a native experience, so companies no longer have to use antiquated, disparate systems, and instead offer a T&E solution employees actually love.”

Since launching Brex travel back in March, the product has “seen fast adoption and robust scaling, with hundreds of customers booking trips through it every day.”

With Brex, they’ve achieved hyper efficient financial and travel operations.

Teddy Collins, Vice President of Corporate Finance at SeatGeek, said:

“Group events has been a major success, providing a more streamlined travel experience for employees while driving higher travel policy compliance and savings.”

When booking and managing group events in Brex, customers will enjoy Brex travel’s:

  • Unbiased global inventory: Brex travel delivers a consumer-grade booking experience, with an unbiased global inventory that provides employees with the most comprehensive choices and gives companies access to preferred rates.
  • Support: Organizers and employees access 24/7 customer support wherever they are.
  • Pre-negotiated discounts: Exclusive deals in place with top airlines and hotels, and access to low-cost carriers across the globe.
  • Duty of care: Know where your traveling employees are, and contact them in case of emergencies
  • Automatic receipts and reconciliation: Brex automatically adds receipts and pre-populates memos, categories, and other expense fields to remove all manual work with expenses and closing the books.
  • Custom, granular controls: Companies can embed their T&E policy in travel budgets to ensure that employees can only select approved, in-policy travel — automatically controlling factors such as cabin class, time of travel, or fare based on attributes like employee role.

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