Ledger to Enable Tokenization as a Service, Partners with Bitbond, Tokeny, more

Ledger, best known for its hardware digital wallets, is now offering tokenization services via its enterprise division or turning assets into digital assets.

In a blog post, Legder said it was “unlocking institutional opportunities” as more firms look to leverage distributed ledger technology to issue and manage digital assets. Ledger said it was partnering with two other well-known tokenization firms, Bitbond, Tokeny, and Eniblock, as well as working with Deloitte on the initiative.

Ledger outlined the challenges for tokenization as follows:

  • Complexity in Smart Contract Development: One of the foremost challenges faced by financial institutions when venturing into asset tokenization is the complexity and cost associated with developing smart contracts. The expense and technical intricacies involved can be daunting, especially for institutions unaccustomed to blockchain development.
  • Security Concerns: Security is paramount when dealing with digital assets. The risk of breaches, fraud, and vulnerabilities in tokenized assets poses a significant threat.
  • Inefficient Token Lifecycle Management: Managing the entire lifecycle of tokens, from issuance and trading to eventual redemption or transfer, can be cumbersome and inefficient. Traditional systems often lack the streamlined processes necessary for efficient token management.
  • Technological Entry Barrier: For many financial institutions, adopting blockchain and asset tokenization represents a significant technological leap. Overcoming the initial barriers of understanding, integration, and adaptation can be daunting.
  • Smart Contract and Token Governance: Ensuring the governance and compliance of smart contracts and tokenized assets is a multifaceted challenge. Institutions must navigate the complex regulatory landscape while maintaining transparency and control over their digital assets.

Ledger’s ambition is to assist financial services firms as they transition from the analog services of today to the digital future.

Bitbond described the partnership as a “landmark collaboration,” pointing to the integration of the Bitbond Token Tool into the Ledger Enterprise Platform.

Bitbond stated:

“Bitbond and Ledger’s partnership is a pivotal step toward addressing these needs. By providing institutions with a streamlined, user-friendly, and secure means of managing asset tokenization, this collaboration is poised to reshape the future of institutional digital asset management.”

Tokenization or digital assets, including digital securities, is broadly viewed as the future of securities and other “tokenized” assets, streamlining processes, and boosting transparency while enabling broader access to asset classes that was previously not feasible.  As Ledger already works with about 100 financial institutions and brands with 6 million devices sold around the world, it will be interesting to see what kind of traction the partnership creates.



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