DriveWealth to Offer Fixed Income, Global Mutual Funds

DriveWealth was created to allow every investor in the world to benefit from access to investment opportunities—whether they have $10 or $10 million.

Following the announcement of DriveWealth‘s Options launch, they are pleased to reveal that they’ve added more offerings: Fixed Income and Global Mutual Funds. Their mission to expand investing “access now covers all major asset classes.” According to the Fintech firm, it is their same simple API, “with way more ways to invest.”

As with equities and options, they’ve enhanced their platform in order “to handle execution, clearing, custody, instrument screening, pricing, and more, for all of these new assets.” The entire investing experience “can be completely controlled by our APIs.”

  • Single account, multiple assets. Once an investing account is opened at DriveWealth, it can hold stocks, options, bonds, and funds, all in one combined place.
  • Consistent funding flows. Users can fund brokerage accounts via a variety of workflows, then use those funds to buy and sell any asset.
  • Launch now, expand later. Accounts can be incrementally provisioned for these new features instantly, meaning you can launch a product with a subset of supported asset classes, then add any number of them later.

More on Fixed Income

The term “Fixed Income” represents a broad category of investment instruments “which are generally considered to have lower risk than stocks and provide a specified rate of return.”

As interest rates have risen worldwide, bonds have exploded in popularity among retail investors. With this launch, customers can buy both US treasury securities as well as thousands of USD-denominated corporate bonds.”

  • US Treasuries = Safeguarding of Capital: Backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government, treasury bonds can be a good choice for investors who prioritize the preservation of capital, even in uncertain economic times.
  • Corporate Bonds = Enhanced Yields: Corporate bonds are issued by companies, and typically offer higher yields than government securities in order to compensate for increased risk. While they come with some credit risk linked to the issuer’s financial health, they can provide an income source for investors looking to balance safety and return.

As explained in the update, global Mutual Funds are the next evolution of their mutual funds offering.

Earlier this year, DriveWealth added “over 30,000 funds for customers based in the US. Now, for the first time, we can support similar products globally with an expansion into offshore mutual funds.” This new offering opens “access for clients and partners outside the US to thousands of new funds.”

These investors can now access a much broader range of funds, like:

  • ESG funds
  • Sector-focused funds
  • UCITS funds
  • SICAVs
  • Shariah-compliant funds
  • International index funds

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