Blockchain Adoption: Stellar Ecosystem Integrates Banxa for On and Off- Ramping

Banxa’s latest integration represents a major step in our mission to foster economic innovation.

One of the fundamental aspects of blockchain is its ability “to bring tangible solutions to real-world problems.”

The powerful Stellar blockchain network “offers the tools to make a difference through products and services that enhance access to the global financial system.”

Banxa has integrated the Stellar Anchor Platform to access the network’s “Hosted Deposit & Withdrawal” standard, which enables wallets and applications in the Stellar ecosystem “to leverage Banxa’s wide array of local and global payment options for on and off ramping.”

Wallets and applications can now “leverage Banxa for on and off ramping of USDC, XLM, and fiat currencies on Banxa’s supported payment rails.”

As noted in the update:

“We’re excited to pilot this project with LOBSTR and Beans, two of the most popular wallets on the Stellar network that are incredibly seamless and user friendly. In the coming weeks, we’ll bring Banxa’s on ramping capabilities to even more wallets and apps within the ecosystem.”

As covered, the payments game has evolved substantially as consumer demand for convenience “continues to influence innovation,” according to an update from Banxa.

Apple Pay has become “an increasingly popular method to purchase crypto, though many onramps that offer it require users to complete multiple steps and be redirected to a third-party platform.”

To simplify mobile transacting, Banxa, global Web3 fiat-to-crypto on-and-off ramp, has integrated with MetaMask in order “to facilitate one-step Apple Pay for iPhone users worldwide – officially available today.”

Banxa serves a key role in “streamlining payment infrastructure” and remains focused on its continued partnership with MetaMask.

As noted in the announcement, Banxa is pleased “to share that Apple Pay one-click is available for MetaMask iPhone users worldwide.”

In order to purchase crypto on MetaMask, users need “to connect real-world funds to their wallets.” Banxa is currently “the only fiat-to-crypto onramp facilitating one-step Apple Pay transactions on MetaMask.”

Holger Arians, CEO of Banxa, said:

“This integration further deepens our relationship with Consensys and MetaMask, one of the most trusted wallets in the space that we are proud to work with. Offering Apple Pay one-click directly within MetaMask marks an important step on our journey toward seamlessly embedding crypto into the user experience.”

Launched in 2016, MetaMask enables users “to own both public and private keys, rather than relinquish this data to a centralized party.” As the world’s leading self-custody wallet, MetaMask “surpassed 30 million users worldwide in 2022.”

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