Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet Supported with Cold Storage, Tokenization Features

Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet is now supported with cold storage, tokenization features as well as Azure support.

Blockdaemon says it is unveiling three major enhancements to the Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet, which include: Cold Storage, Tokenization and Azure Cloud support.

These features collectively aim to “enhance the efficiency, security, and strategic capabilities of our institutional clients.”

Recognizing the pivotal role of cold storage in institutional asset protection, particularly for self-custody and regulatory compliance, the firm is announcing the introduction of cold storage support in the Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet.

This feature not only aligns “with market needs but also elevates the standards of security and operational efficiency in digital asset management.”

Cold storage stores and uses private keys offline. It is a long-standing staple “for institutional crypto management.”

It caters to banks, custodians, and institutions who “require air-gapped wallet services to safeguard against online threats, making it a cornerstone for institutional asset protection.”

Traditional cold wallets, typically hardware or paper-based, offer robust security. However, they come with notable drawbacks.

These include:

  • Physical Vulnerabilities: Despite being safe from online attacks, they’re susceptible to physical threats like key extraction, physical theft, or hardware damage.
  • Operational Challenges: They require the physical presence of specific authorized users, adding layers of inconvenience and limiting accessibility.
  • Audit and Control Limitations: Their offline nature restricts auditability and transaction control, relying heavily on the integrity of a few approvers.
    Blockdaemon’s Cold Storage Innovations

In improving cold storage, the Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet “addresses these limitations, focusing on improved security” and operational efficiency:

  • Advanced MPC Technology: Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet™ uses patented MPC technology for secure key management across its lifecycle. This technology forms the backbone of our cold storage solution, ensuring top-tier security.
  • Flexible Policy Engine: Implements policies equally across online and offline wallets, enforcing quorum approvals and conditional controls to enhance security and compliance.
  • Mobile Approver App: To further secure transactions, Blockdaemon Institutional Wallet integrates PIN and biometric verifications through a mobile approver app. This app is crucial for authenticating users before they approve any transaction, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Front-End Security for Cold Signing: Transactions undergo full policy-controlled approvals similar to online transactions, enhancing security by ensuring that only pre-approved transactions reach cold signing.
  • Administrative Efficiency in Cold Signing: Reduces the criticality and autonomy of cold signing operations, transforming them into more streamlined administrative tasks. This shift broadens the range of eligible participants for cold wallet signing, reducing latency and bolstering operational efficiency.
  • Cryptographic Verification: All cold transactions undergo rigorous cryptographic verification, confirming their origin from the online wallet frontend and exceeding traditional cold storage security standards.

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