Bondora Group Introduces New Loan Market in Latvia

After successfully launching a new loan market in the Netherlands last year, the Bondora Group has now opened another loan market in Latvia.

The investment platform’s management says it is pleased to announce that customers in Latvia can now access Bondora’s convenient online credit financial services.

With every new market the Bondora Group company launches, your investment portfolio becomes “more diversified.”

This helps to decrease “the potential risks and increase the stability of your investment, giving you even more peace of mind.”

Bondora says it is now looking forward to bringing their platform loans to their Baltic neighbor and can’t wait to see how this market will perform.

The firm added that its clients’ continued trust in Bondora has “made it possible for us as a Group company to prioritize launching new countries.”

By launching new loan markets, their offering can “expand to more and more customers across Europe.” Then more people can be empowered “to live the lives they want with less financial stress.”

As covered recently, Bondora reports that the month of October 2023 saw a rebound for originations and investments.

Bondora notes in a blog post that after decreasing slightly in September, investments and originations rebounded in October. Both these statistics “totaled just over €15M, with a growth rate of 4.8% from the previous month. On the other hand, cash recoveries decreased a little, totaling almost €1.6M in October.”

As noted in the update, 602 new investors joined Bondora in October. In the same month, investors “earned over €1M in returns, and the total product investment amount increased to €884M.”

Loan originations rebounded after their slight dip in September, “increasing by 4.8%. This totaled €15,696,033 in October, compared to €14,177,543 in September.”

Once again, there was an overall decline, but Finland managed “to show an increase.”

The Nordic market’s originations “grew by 20.7%. This totaled €12,146,156 in Finnish loan originations alone.”

In local Estonia, loan originations “dipped by 4.5%, totaling €2,247,956.”

Due to internal changes to ensure sustainable growth, the Dutch market “received a lower origination total of €1,261,208.”

After showing growth, they’ve scaled back slightly “to ensure that borrowers from this relatively new market remain of the highest quality.”

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