Layer2 Financial, a BaaS Infrastructure Platform, Teams Up with Evita, a Cross-Border Payments Service

Layer2 Financial, a BaaS and payments infrastructure technology, is announcing a strategic partnership with Evita, a B2B cross-border payments solution specializing in large transactions.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in “the financial technology landscape, leveraging the strengths of both entities to streamline and optimize cross-border payment processes.”

George Goognin, Founder of Evita, said:

“Evita’s decision to partner with Layer2 was driven by their exceptional speed, agility, and ability to navigate complex compliance layers. The partnership enables us to manage compliance efficiently, and paves the way for ramping up USD operations.”

Evita distinguishes itself by focusing “on large transactions, particularly in markets where traditional financial institutions fall short.”

Notably, the company excels in “facilitating transactions related to high-value items such as luxury cars and Italian furniture, offering an alternative to major banks like Bank of America and Chase. By utilizing their own liquidity and direct local payment rails, Evita ensures faster and more cost-effective payments for their clients.”

Goognin expressed his astonishment at the remarkable speed of onboarding with Layer2, stating:

“I thought they were joking with me when they said our account was up and running. After engaging with more than 40 banks,, encountering promises of months-long processes, the efficiency and speed with which Layer2 had our account ready took me by surprise. It’s a testament to their commitment to streamlining financial processes and providing a level of service that goes beyond industry expectations.”

Evita will leverage Layer2 to “open FBO (For Benefit Of) accounts for its clients, enhancing Evita’s ability to operate seamlessly with US Dollars and enables customers to have individual US/Native accounts, simplifying wire instructions and reducing the likelihood of errors.”

In an environment where many banks now shy “away from crypto, George is a vocal advocate for its transparency, trackability, and safety in the financial system. He believes that the collaboration between these two companies will help rebuild trust as digital and fiat currencies are poised to reshape the landscape of large, cross-border transactions.”

As noted in the update, Layer2 is described as “a next generation Payments Infrastructure.”

Their multi-partner platform is designed “to provide payment processors, fintechs and neobanks with fully compliant Collections, PayOuts, FX, Cross Border payment services. With just one API, you can access all of these services seamlessly and easily.”

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