Neo and Phoenix to Support AI-enhanced Blockchain Adoption

As technologies currently capturing the world’s attention, there are significant synergies to explore between blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI).

In their efforts to develop and build the ecosystem for our EVM-compatible sidechain Neo X, the Neo team is announcing a new partnership with Phoenix, a decentralized AI infrastructure provider.

This collaboration will explore “how AI can accelerate blockchain technology iteration and drive mass adoption.”

Phoenix reportedly provides a “decentralized AI elastic compute infrastructure and a smart auto-scaling network for AI and deep learning.”

Its technology stack includes SkyNet, “an AI elastic compute platform and PhoenixLLM, a large language model platform.”

The partnership between Phoenix and Neo will “focus on leveraging the strengths of both platforms to create synergies that enhance the capabilities and offerings of the Neo ecosystem.”

Specifically, the partnership between Neo and Phoenix will “start with Phoenix providing advanced, customized AI solutions for Neo” and the projects in the Neo X ecosystem:

  • AI Computing Power Services: SkyNet will offer AI computing power services for the Neo ecosystem.
  • AI Content Generation: Phoenix will use its AI content generation abilities to create content for NFTs, GameFi, Metaverse fields, and various AI tools.
  • AI Trading Signals: AlphaNet will supply AI trading signals for DEX users in the Neo ecosystem.

Flamingo Finance, an interoperable full-stack DeFi protocol “on Neo N3, is already in discussions with Phoenix to explore AI enhancement details.”

John Wang, Head of Neo Ecosystem Growth said:

“Neo has been actively seeking AI-driven projects to enhance blockchain technology and boost user adoption. Phoenix is one of the most promising partners we have encountered. We are delighted to see Phoenix using its AI technology to support Neo and the projects within our ecosystem, leading to better adoption and use cases.”

XP, Head of Strategic Partnership at Phoenix, also expressed his excitement about the partnership:

“The strategic partnership with Neo marks a significant advancement in decentralized AI technology, driving the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. This collaboration will expand the application scenarios for decentralized AI tools and signifies the breakthrough growth of PhoenixAI’s computing power, large models, and various AI tools, which can now be widely applied to various dApps and blockchain ecosystems.”

Founded in 2014, Neo is an open-source, community-driven blockchain platform “designed to welcome developers into the Smart Economy.”

By enabling developers to digitize and “automate the management of assets through smart contracts, Neo is built to realize the optimized digital world of the future.”

As the most developer-friendly blockchain, Neo meets developers where they are “by integrating seamlessly with the world’s most widely used languages and tools and providing the most feature-complete blockchain platform for building full-stack decentralized applications.”

With native support for powerful infrastructure including decentralized storage, oracles, and domain name service, Neo is said to be “the ideal foundation for developers to build the next-generation Internet.”

As mentioned in the announcement, Phoenix is “a decentralized AI infrastructure platform that democratizes AI compute, technology, and applications.”

At the core of Phoenix is SkyNet, an AI Elastic Compute Layer “where AI apps and models can be trained, utilized, and deployed with ease and low cost.”

Phoenix’s AI Ecosystem consists “of native apps such as AlphaNet (AI for trading), PhoenixLLM (customizable LLM service), and Phoenix GenAI as well as a vibrant and fast growing AI app ecosystem that includes DEXs, metaverse, gaming, and other AI-enabled dApps.”

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