TransUnion and Asurint to Provide Compliance Focused Resident Screening Solution to Property Managers

Multifamily property managers face a daunting task when it comes to screening applicants.

They need to conduct thorough criminal background checks in “a timely manner, while observing increasingly stringent consumer privacy regulations.”

To address this challenge, TransUnion (NYSE: TRU) announced its collaboration with Asurint to provide “a compliance-focused solution for criminal background screening.”

Multifamily operators need to trust “that their resident screening reports are up to date.”

TransUnion’s collaboration with Asurint, allows them to deliver “that service to help property managers make informed decisions, while also focusing on consumers’ rights.”

TransUnion’s TruVision Resident Screening solution now “comprises the breadth and depth of Asurint’s criminal background reporting—with coast-to-coast automated coverage across the US.”

In addition, Asurint’s engine automatically “applies federal, state, and local filters designed to address consumer protection and housing regulations, to equip property managers with quality data.”

Maitri Johnson, SVP and head of TransUnion’s tenant and employment screening business:

“Multifamily operators need to trust that their resident screening reports are up to dat.e. TransUnion’s collaboration with Asurint, allows us to deliver that service to help property managers make informed decisions, while also focusing on consumers’ rights.”

The collaboration also allows TransUnion “to deliver background reports with unparalleled speed. Most reports without background hits come back within minutes, while those requiring additional vetting are usually returned same-day.”

The turnaround time becomes impressive “considering the depth of coverage, which includes backgrounds on applicant aliases, sanctions and abuse registries and more.”

Alla Schay, Chief Executive Officer at Asurint, said:

“Asurint’s collaboration with TransUnion sets a new standard in tenant background screening using solutions already proven in the pre-employment and public health space. By using our combined solutions, multifamily operators can feel good that they are receiving industry-leading criminal information in a timely manner.”

As noted in the update, Asurint has 17 years of innovation and “growth in the industry with powerful background screening and monitoring technology backed by subject matter experts and personalized solutions.”

Their technology enables clients to “make faster, more informed decisions that promote safer workplaces and communities. Performing more than 10 million background screens annually, Asurint’s technology and resources have proven scalability to meet tomorrow’s challenges.”

As mentioned in the announcement, TransUnion is “a global information and insights company with over 13,000 associates operating in more than 30 countries.”

They make trust possible by “ensuring each person is reliably represented in the marketplace.”

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