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Parallella’s Creator Reveals Why He Will Not Be Returning to Kickstarter For Other Projects

Back in September 2012, Massachusetts-based Adapteva launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds for its invention, Parallella. The device is described as a “supercomputer for everyone” and its platform was built on the following principles: Open Access: Absolutely no NDAs or special access needed! All architecture and… Read More

Crowdfunding Components & Risk Assessment

As the semiconductor industry has consolidated in the past 10 years, entrepreneurs have been forced to think differently about how to fund a great new idea. Venture capitalists, as we know, have cooled on the industry’s ROI, to say the least! But, not surprisingly, at… Read More

For chip maker, ‘crowdfunding’ computes

The conventional approach in the computer business is to make the machines first, then sell them. But a Lexington start-up, Adapteva , has rung up nearly $900,000 in sales of a computer it hasn’t yet made. “We have a market. We have a customer base… Read More

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