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Financial Fraud Execs Adopting Behavioral Biometrics Aim to Counter Scam Attacks: Report

LexisNexis Risk Solutions recently published a white paper produced by Aite-Novarica exploring the challenges in addressing sophisticated fraud threats “following increased digital adoption and consumers’ high expectations for online transactions.” The white paper, Multifaceted Fraud Attacks: Behavioral Biometrics as a Defensive Tool, explains “that most… Read More

Siege, the FX Dark Pool Provider, Announces Launch of NetFix

Siege, the FX Dark Pool provider, recently announced the launch of its new service NetFix. This follows the successful first Spot trades which were “completed among a group of early participants on 26th July 2022 using the WMR 4pm Fix.” NetFix is “an anonymous mechanism… Read More

Canadian Banks Can Fight $3B Fraud Problem With Privacy-Enhancing Technologies: Report

Duality Technologies, a provider of privacy-enhanced data collaboration solutions, today released Inter-Bank Privacy-Enhanced Information Sharing: Fraud Detection and Prevention a report authored by financial services advisory firm Aite-Novarica. The report analyzes how Canadian financial institutions can engage in information sharing based on privacy-enhancing technologies (PET)… Read More

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