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Stripe, PayPal, Grab Execs Establish Angel Investment Network for Early-Stage Startups, Fintechs in Southeast Asia

Senior management professionals from Fintech giants such as Grab, PayPal, and Stripe have all come together to establish an angel investment network that will aim to channel funds towards early-stage ventures based in Southeast Asia. Established with assistance from Saison Capital and Finantier, the Fintech… Read More

IntelligentCrowd.TV Raises Capital to Fund International Expansion

IntelligentCrowd TV has announced its intent to raise capital online in their “initial crowd offering.” IntelligentCrowd TV has posted an offer on the Angel Investment Network and stated its intent to soon list a share offer on SyndicateRoom at a lower a lower minimum investment requirement…. Read More

Brief: Angel Investment Network Targets US Crowdfunding

The recently re-launched US Angel Investment Network site wants to target the US market and leverage crowdfunding to match entrepreneurs with angel investors.  The network was founded in London 2004 and now claims over 30 different networks in 80 different countries – including the United… Read More

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