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Will the UK Retain the Fintech Crown? Gillian Roche Saunders Provides Unique Update on Regulatory Review & UK Fintech Ecosystem

The United Kingdom has dominated the Fintech sector globally.  Starting with innovations in capital formation from crowdfunding and peer to peer lending platforms, the UK has fostered an impressive ecosystem of Fintech entrepreneurs. While a culture of innovation and risk-taking has been vital to this… Read More

Overfunding: UK Smart Tech Company Camfridge Surpasses Nearly £500,000 Funding Target By 128% on SyndicateRoom

UK-based smart technology company Camfridge have overfunded to £640,254 through its investment funding round on SyndicateRoom. This equals 128% of the original target, £499,990. Camfridge, which was founded in 2005 as a spin-off from the University of Cambridge, is currently developing energy-efficient, gas-free, lower-cost technology… Read More

Personal Finance App Squirrel Seeks £400,000 on SyndicateRoom

Squirrel, a personal finance app designed to help users have more control over their money, will raise £400,000 on SyndicateRoom. The platform reported that experienced angel investor Jos Evans will be the lead investor on the funding round having committed £100,000 to Squirrel. SyndicateRoom members… Read More

SyndicateRoom: Young Investors Committed to Backing British Business

Investment crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom has published a study that indicates the young investors are more committed than ever to support British SMEs. Evan as many voted to “Bremain”, young UK investors want to help boost the economic future of the country as it plans its… Read More

SyndicateRoom Success Lobster Secures £1 Million For Global Expansion & AI-Powered Search

Lobster, the search and licensing platform for user-generated content, announced on Monday it received an additional £1 million investment to further enhance its AI-powered search. The company stated in the upcoming month it plans to release an update, which will bring smart search to video…. Read More

The Largest Investment Crowdfunding Platforms in the World

Investment crowdfunding has quickly become a viable path for early to mid stage companies to raise needed growth capital.  A truly global phenomenon, many funding platforms now operate in multiple countries sourcing both deals and investors aided by the power of the internet. While larger… Read More

The Top UK Investment Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2017

OFF3R, an alternative investment aggregator in the UK, has put together an interesting list of the top investment crowdfunding campaigns for 2017. We have replicated the OFF3R list below (with a few adjustments). Several of these companies have raised capital crowdfunding several times. Landbay has… Read More

SyndicateRoom Reports First Exit for Investors as Oval is Acquired by US based Healthcare Manufacturer

Oval Medical raised £1,118,647 in August 2014 crowdfunding on SyndicateRoom. The offer saw the participation of 40 SyndicateRoom investors. The company offered 25% equity in the EIS qualified investment.  Today Oval is announcing it has been acquired by SMC Ltd., a US-based contract manufacturer in… Read More

SyndicateRoom: £7 Billion in Wealth Creation for Investors in Early Stage Companies in 2017

SyndicateRoom has released research that indicates up to £7 billion in wealth creation will occur in 2017 for individuals investing in early stage companies – undeterred by Brexit fallout. Of course past results are no guarantee of future returns but the findings are positive for… Read More

SyndicateRoom Launches New Product “The WatchList” For AIM Investments

SyndicateRoom announced on Wednesday the launch of its new product, The WatchList, which reportedly gives its online investment platform users the opportunity to invest funds in a curated list of AIM-listed companies at a discount to their share price. The funding portal revealed it created the WatchList… Read More

SyndicateRoom Named Best Investment Platform & Industry Game Changer At 2016 Growth Investor Awards

Earlier this week, leading UK-based investment crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom announced it was named Best Investment Platform and Industry Game Changer at this year’s Growth Investor Awards. The event celebrated the role of the UK SME fund management community in both job and wealth creation. It also recognizes… Read More

Crowdcube Calls for Common Set of Benchmarks to Measure Platform Performance

Investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube has called on the industry to create a common set of rules and principles to measure platform performance and the returns generated by crowdfunded companies. The statement comes on the heals of a report by AltFi on the status of companies… Read More

An Evening with Simon Thorpe – London

Earlier this year, Swiftkey sold to Microsoft for a reported $250m. In late 2015, Vocal IQ sold to Apple for an undisclosed sum, while CentraStage sold to Autotask. And just this summer, CMOS Sensors was acquired by ams. What do these companies have in common?… Read More

IntelligentCrowd.TV Raises Capital to Fund International Expansion

IntelligentCrowd TV has announced its intent to raise capital online in their “initial crowd offering.” IntelligentCrowd TV has posted an offer on the Angel Investment Network and stated its intent to soon list a share offer on SyndicateRoom at a lower a lower minimum investment requirement…. Read More

Where are Post Brexit Returns? – London

We all know that bonds and blue chip stocks are struggling to yield returns. However, with SyndicateRoom’s 2014–15 portfolio valued at 135% of the original investment*, and NESTA calculating angel investing returns to be 22% IRR, we asked the question: is early-stage investing becoming the new… Read More

Brief: Equity Crowdfunded Movie “Salty” Finishes Filming

On Wednesday, SyndicateRoom announced the equity crowdfunded movie Salty has finished the filming stage of its production. As previously reported, the project first appeared on SyndicateRoom in 2014 and the offer allowed smaller investors to participate in the film project for as little as £1,000. The film’s campaign successfully… Read More

Seedrs, Crowdcube & SyndicateRoom Named Growth Investor Awards’ 2016 Best Investment Platform Finalists

On Thursday, organizers of the Growth Investor Awards announced UK-based crowdfunding platforms, Seedrs, Crowdcube, and SyndicateRoom have been named finalists of the 2016 Best Investment Platform. The Growth Investor Awards notably celebrates the role of the UK SME fund management community in both job and wealth… Read More

UK Crowdfunding Industry Comments on FCA’s Call for Input on Rules

As announced earlier today, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has requested feedback from interested parties regarding the regulatory environment for debt and investment-based crowdfunding. The process is part of an anticipated periodic review of this new form of finance. Original rules were enacted in 2014…. Read More

SyndicateRoom Named High Potential Business Awards’ Alternative Finance Provider of the Year

Leading UK based investment crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom was named Alternative Finance Provider of the Year at the 2016 High Potential Business Awards, which took place in London on June 22nd and celebrated the achievement outstanding growth businesses, along with the advisors and financiers that support them. “This award… Read More