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SyndicateRoom Posts Update on EIS Fund

SyndicateRoom, once an investment crowdfunding platform and now an early-stage fund offering, has distributed a note on its Access EIS fund and its activity during 2023. SyndicateRoom’s fund has been labeled as one of the most active early-stage funds in the UK. The fund is… Read More

SyndicateRoom Reports on 2020 Cohort: Up by 45%

Online investment platform SyndicateRoom has distributed an update on its performance. According to an email, SyndicateRoom’s Access Fund 2020 cohort is up 45%, not including tax reliefs or loss reliefs. Tax benefits may include EIS/SEIS programs that mitigate risk and could reduce any capital gains…. Read More

SyndicateRoom Reports Portfolio Company 10to8 Acquired

SyndicateRoom, an online investment platform, reports that portfolio company 10to8 has been acquired by Sign In Solutions. Deal terms were not revealed, but SyndicateRoom said that the exit was at a “positive multiple.” 10to8 is a time management, communication and meeting platform that aims to… Read More

SyndicateRoom Updates on 2022 Progress, Comments on Expectations for 2023

While 2022 started strong, things went downhill from there. You name it, 2022 has been a tough year from Giga high inflation, the largest land war in Europe since WWII, the cost of energy rocketing higher, global strife, and pandemic stress…. geez… 2023 can only… Read More

UK Investors Underweight Venture Capital: Hardman & Co.

The UK research firm Hardman & Co. has distributed a white paper that says investors are underweight venture capital. The research was published with the support of SyndicateRoom, Deepbridge, One Four Nine, and Nova Growth  Capital. Once a securities crowdfunding platform, SyndicateRoom now offers a… Read More

Former Crowdfunding Platform Syndicate Room Receives £10 Million Commitment from British Business Bank for Investments

British Business Investments has committed £10 million to Syndicate Room. British Business Investments is a subsidiary of the British Business Bank. Syndicate Room was previously an investment crowdfunding platform that has since migrated to a fund model. According to a noted from Syndicate Room, the… Read More

SyndicateRoom Co-founder Crowdfunds on Seedrs for New Insurtech Startup Rnwl [u]

Insurtech Rnwl Crowdfunding for Growth Capital SyndicateRoom used to be one of the three top securities crowdfunding platforms in the UK. The Fintech has since morphed into an EIS fund that targets promising early-stage firms being backed by “super angels”. Co-founded by Gonçalo de Vasconcelos,… Read More

SyndicateRoom Says April was Record Month for SR Investments

SyndicateRoom, previously an investor-led investment crowdfunding platform and now more of an early-stage fund, says April was a record month. According to an email distributed by SyndicateRoom CEO Graham Schwikkard nine startups completed their funding rounds during the lockdown. Reportedly, Kluster, Thermulon, Lumi-Plugin, Note Taking… Read More

SyndicateRoom Plans “Modest” Rate Increase for Access EIS Fund, Aims to Scale with Institutional Money Over Time

SyndicateRoom, once a securities crowdfunding platform and now an early-stage venture fund, has announced a forthcoming “modest increase” in the Access EIS Fund fees. The new fees will kick in on March 18, 2020. If you invest prior to that date, you lock in at… Read More

SyndicateRoom Transitions to Pre-funded Offerings with EIS Fund. Crowdfunding No More

Towards the end of 2019, SyndicateRoom was working to revamp their entire investment crowdfunding process – a huge transition. In the past, SyndicateRoom has consistently been recognized for its high-quality individual securities offerings. Every investment listed on the platform was led by a professional investor… Read More

SyndicateRoom Founder Receives Regulatory Approval for Insurtech Startup Rnwl, Ponders Which Crowdfunding Platform to Raise Capital

Rnwl, an Insurtech created by serial entrepreneur Gonçalo de Vasconcelos who founded top UK crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom, is having a dilemma. Committed to raising capital via the industry where he got his start, de Vasconcelos is it torn between using Seedrs or Crowdcube to raise… Read More

Changing Lanes: Crowdfunding Pioneer Gonçalo de Vasconcelos Moves into Insurtech with Rnwl

There are a few true trailblazers in the investment crowdfunding sector and Gonçalo de Vasconcelos is one of them. The co-founder and long-time CEO of SyndicateRoom, “retired” from his leadership role in July of this year. During his tenure, de Vasconcelos had taken SyndicateRoom from… Read More

SyndicateRoom Email Indicates Shift to “Fund First Approach” to Investing

SyndicateRoom is going through a period of change, it appears. In an email distributed by co-founder Tom Britton, he stated that SyndicateRoom is switching to “fund-first approach to investing.” As explained in the email: “We’re in the process of redesigning our crowdfunding offering. We need… Read More

SyndicateRoom Founder Gonçalo de Vasconcelos Plans Insurtech Startup Rnwl

Several weeks ago, the co-founder of crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom and past CEO Gonçalo de Vasconcelos announced his departure from the company. At the time, de Vasconcelos indicated his interest in pursuing another startup. He remains a non-executive director of SyndicateRoom so he is still engaged… Read More

Fintech Expend Tops £1.3 Million on SyndicateRoom. Closes Crowdfunding Round Today

Expend, a Fintech in the business expense management sector, is scheduled to close its crowdfunding round on SyndicateRoom later today. Valued at £12.5 million, Expend has now raised £1.33 million topping its initial goal of £750,000. Expend is said to be processing over £1 million… Read More

SyndicateRoom Co-Founder Gonçalo de Vasconcelos “Retires” as CEO, Becomes Non-Executive Director

One of the leading investment crowdfunding platforms in the UK is in the midst of an executive transition. Current SyndicateRoom CEO and co-founder Gonçalo de Vasconcelos has announced that he is exiting the executive role and becoming a non-executive Director of the crowdfunding platform. In… Read More

Online Games Platform Genba Digital Surpasses £525,000 on SyndicateRoom

Genba Digital, a UK-based company that is aiming to streamline the multi-billion pound market, has successfully surpassed £525,000 through its crowdfunding campaign on SyndicateRoom. The company is currently seeking £750,000 with a pre-valuation at £4,507,698. Founded in 2015, GENBA is an API driven digital logistics… Read More

SyndicateRoom Co-Founder Tom Britton: I am Incredibly Proud of the Growth We Have Acheived

SyndicateRoom is a top investment crowdfunding platform in the UK – one of the “big three”. The platform was co-founded by former schoolmates Gonçalo de Vasconcelos and Tom Britton who met while completing their  MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School. The idea was simple enough:… Read More

SyndicateRoom’s Fund Twenty8 Invests in 32 Startups, Provides Diversified Portfolio of Early Stage Firms

Crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom is reporting that their EIS friendly fund “Fund Twenty8” has invested in 32 UK startups ahead of schedule. The passive investment vehicle that enables investors to gain access to a diversified portfolio of early-stage firms has injected £3.2 million in the companies…. Read More

A Fall in Seed Stage Deals that Must Be Corrected: Report Indicates UK Equity Investments Declined in 2018 but Crowdfunding Delivers Record Year

The Brexit claxon sounds loudly. A report released this week indicates a decline in both the number of deals and the total amount deals for the UK early stage equity market. Beauhurst has published their annual recap of total investment for 2018. The Deal quantifies the… Read More

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