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USA: States’ Different Approaches to Cryptocurrency Industry

From taxing and curtailing miners to receiving business tax payments or administering government benefits; from raising municipal funds to courting “the blockchain sector,” regions in the US are adopting different responses to manage the cryptocurrency phenomenon, Raconteur reports. When the price of Bitcoin exploded 4X… Read More

Berkeley, California Considering Municipal Bonds on Blockchain

Bloomberg reported May 2nd that the City Council of Berkeley voted unanimously this week to task the city manager with evaluating the potential benefits of putting municipal bonds on blockchain. Vice Mayor Ben Bartlett believes that digitizing bonds on blockchain could democratize access to municipal… Read More

Public Fintech Platform Neighborly Teams Up With UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab & Berkeley Elected Officials to Launch Berkeley Blockchain Initiative

Neighborly Corporation, a San Francisco-based public fintech platform, announced on Wednesday it is teaming up with the UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab, and Berkeley elected officials, to launch the Berkeley Blockchain Initiative (BBI). The BBI will leverage blockchain technology to develop a first-of-its-kind tokenized municipal bond compliant with all regulatory… Read More

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