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Culprit Impersonates Police in New Bitcoin Extortion Scam

Police in Berkeley, California, are warning the public that a culprit impersonating a police officer has attempted to extort Bitcoins from a resident of that region. According to a City of Berkeley press release issued April 24th regarding the incident: “Just this past Thursday, a… Read More

Berkeley, California Considering Municipal Bonds on Blockchain

Bloomberg reported May 2nd that the City Council of Berkeley voted unanimously this week to task the city manager with evaluating the potential benefits of putting municipal bonds on blockchain. Vice Mayor Ben Bartlett believes that digitizing bonds on blockchain could democratize access to municipal… Read More

Public Fintech Platform Neighborly Teams Up With UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab & Berkeley Elected Officials to Launch Berkeley Blockchain Initiative

Neighborly Corporation, a San Francisco-based public fintech platform, announced on Wednesday it is teaming up with the UC Berkeley Blockchain Lab, and Berkeley elected officials, to launch the Berkeley Blockchain Initiative (BBI). The BBI will leverage blockchain technology to develop a first-of-its-kind tokenized municipal bond compliant with all regulatory… Read More

ENDVEST Rolls Out New & Improved Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform

Last month ENDVEST, a global real estate crowdfunding platform, launched its highly anticipated and improved platform ENDVEST 2.0. According to CTO of ENDVEST, David Boyajian, the new website was “built with the investor experience in mind every step of the way.” He claimed that the… Read More

Brief: Sanovas “Social Finance” & Asset Diversification Model Boosts Valuation from $60 million to $710 million

Sanovas Inc., a life science holding company that is accelerating the development and commercialization of next-generation micro-invasive diagnostics, devices and drug delivery technologies, through its spin-off companies, has raised $30+ million to fund its operations, 2/3 of which has come from a pioneering funding model conceived… Read More

Axent Wear’s Cat Ears Nears $1.7M on Indiegogo; Shares Additional Specifications

With less than eight days until its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign comes to an end, 10,442 backers of Berkeley-based startup, Axent Wear, has raised $1,671,847 for its unique cat ears headphones. Now the creators, Wenqing Yan and Victoria Hu are ready to share more details about the new project, including… Read More

Kickstarter Shuts Down Second Tor Router Crowdfunding Project in One Week

Global crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, shut down another tor router project, by the name of TorFi, just a few days after nixing the almost successful, anonabox campaign. According to Ars Technica, TorFi, a project by Jesse Enjaian and David Xu of Berkeley California, aimed to create home routers… Read More

UC Berkeley Alums Seeks $250,000 Through Indiegogo Campaign For Cat Ear Headphones; Reaches $247,000 First Day

Offering up a new way to listen to music, Berkeley-based startup Axent Wear launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its self-titled cat ear headphones. Seeking $250,000, the project hit nearly $247,000 by close 1,600 backers within the first 24 hours. Started by two UC Berkeley… Read More

Crowdfunding Thought Leaders Gather in Berkeley to Discuss Future of Financial Innovation

For a second year in a row, government policy makers, finance experts and online entrepreneurs gathered at UC Berkeley for the Fung Institute’s academic symposium on crowdfunding.  The event was organized by Dr. Richard Swart – a well known authority and frequent commenter on crowdfunding… Read More

New Forms of Finance Hits Radar of Governments Around the Globe at Berkeley Forum

In a report from UK’s “the Crowdfunding Centre“, the group notes that crowdfunding and alternative-finance have hit the radar of governments and policy-makers, as well as financial institutions, across the globe.   The Second Annual Academic Symposium on crowdfunding is taking place this week at UC… Read More

UC Berkeley Offers Executive Program to Educate Major Corporations on Crowdsourcing & Crowdfunding

University to Train Corporate Leaders to become Crowd Empowered. The University of California at Berkeley will be hosting the first executive program solely dedicated to training major corporations on the benefits of crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and crowd intelligence as a way to strengthen their brand and… Read More

Brief: Berkeley Seeks Manager to Launch Crowdfunding

A growing number of universities see crowdfunding as a powerful tool to boost fundraising and leading university Berkeley is preparing to join the list.  In a recent posting the University of California Berkeley has revealed they intend on launching a campus wide crowdfunding platform in… Read More

Berkeley Preps for 2nd Annual Symposium on Crowdfunding

Issues Call for Research Papers. The 2nd Annual Symposium on Crowdfunding sponsored by the Coleman Fung Insitute for Engineering Leadership, UC Berkeley College of Engineering, is scheduled to take place on September 11th and 12th, 2014.  This symposium will take a global look at the… Read More

Indiegogo Revisits Successful Bamboo Lota Campaign

Sharing a story about one of its successful crowdfunding campaigns, Indiegogo recently connected with with Kyson, Joanna and Stephanie of Bamboo Lota to provide a special insight for future campaigners. Now Bamboo Lota was not a high profile, big dollar campaign but certainly a project… Read More

Berkeley’s Fung Instite Holds Symposium on Crowdfunding

This coming week UC Berkeley’s Feng Institute will be holding an academic symposium on crowdfunding.  Supported by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation the forum will discuss innovations in social finance models in regards to crowdfunding. Researchers, policy experts and government officials from around the globe… Read More

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