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Crowdfunding TV Show “Meet the Draper” Set to Premiere on Sony Entertainment Television This Weekend

Meet the Drapers, a crowdfunding TV series that allows “regular” people to become investors, is set to premiere this Sunday (November 19th) on Sony Entertainment Television.  As previously reported, Meet the Drapers will include the participation of Bill Draper, who was a founding investor in… Read More

Meet the Drapers! Republic Co-Hosts Pitch Event with Prominent VC Family, Accepting Applications Now

Republic, an investment crowdfunding platform founded by AngelList alumni, is collaborating with Sony Entertainment on a new series of pitch events involving the Draper family. And who are the Drapers, you may ask? The Drapers are California based VC’s with a pretty amazing track record…. Read More

Draper Family Crowdfunds For Parkinson’s on Indiegogo

Hits $100,000 Crowdfunding Goal Immediately. Bill Draper, along with his family, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in support of the Parkinson’s Insitute and Clinical Center.  The fundraising initiative which is part of the #GivingTuesday effort on Indiegogo, has greatly benefited from the promise… Read More

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