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Hour of Code Breaks Indiegogo Most Funded Record Thanks to Facebook’s Zuckerberg & Gates & Co.

Last month, nonprofit computer science organization, Code.org, launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, seeking $5,000,000 for its new program known as An Hour of Code.  Since its debut, the project has raised $2,842,038 from 1,602 backers, which has broken the all-time record on the global platform… Read More

“Above the Fray” Crowdfunds to Empower Youth to Overcome the Dark Side of Social Media, Creates Special Perk for Bill Gates

Thomas Dodson of Selvage media, along with his team, is crowdfunding on Indiegogo to empower young people to avoid the dangers of social media.  We have all read the stories – or know someone – who has suffered from cyber bullying or digital exploitation via… Read More

Bill and Melinda Gates Advocate Crowdfunding this Holiday Season

In an article on The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Blog – called the Impatient Optimists –  the erstwhile “Bill and Melinda” have selected the 5 “Tech Savy”ways to give this Holiday Season.  And as we all know – no Holiday Season could be complete… Read More

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