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Wall Street Journal Alleges Widespread Presence of “Pump Groups” Manipulating Crypto Markets

Wall Street Journal writers Paul Vigna and Shane Shifflett claim to have identified 175 coordinated crypto “pump and dump” groups manipulating crypto markets in their favour. The journalists analyzed data and online communications of traders from January of this year to July and identified 121… Read More

Hacker “Bitpico” Stress Tests Bitcoin Cash, Claims Network Centralization

A hacker going by the name of ‘Bitpico’ on Twitter claims that a ‘stress test’ he or she conducted on the Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency network shows that 98% of Bitcoin Cash’s node are located on the same rack server. 98% of the shown nodes are… Read More

Lightning Network Enduring Sustained Attack By Friendly Hacker “BitPico”

The Lightning Network meant to help Bitcoin and Litecoin scale to handle more payments has been under sustained DoS (Denial of Service) attack emanating from an friendly anonymous source or sources known as “BitPico.” The attack began March 22, 2018, and BitPico took credit publicly… Read More

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