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Arweave Enhances “Decentralized” Data Storage Capabilities via Avalanche

Arweave, a “decentralized” solution for archiving data using a blockchain-like “blockweave” and a proof-of-access consensus mechanism, has expanded to Avalanche. Now, Avalanche users can “utilize Arweave to store records, files, metadata, and other data.” Arweave strives “to store data cheaply and immutably for at least… Read More

Arweave Storage Now Natively Available in Polygon

Interoperability is an increasingly vital topic within the blockchain and distributed ledger tech (DLT) sector, as it continues to expand the possible functionalities that DLT networks can provide to their respective ecosystems once they’re well-connected. Permanent and scalable storage via Arweave is one such functionality… Read More

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