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Cambridge Analytica Director Visited Julian Assange, Donated Crypto to Wikileaks

The Guardian Newspaper has reported that Brittany Kaiser, a director at Cambridge Analytica, a data firm tied to election interference across the globe, told friends that she visited Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in February 2017 to discuss the outcome of the 2016 US… Read More

The Monetary Authority of Macau Warns that Virtual Currency is Not Legal Tender as Report Ties Dragon Coin ICO to Cambridge Analytica

This past week the Monetary Authority of Macau issued a warning that virtual currency is not legal currency. Stating that “recently, the media reported that companies had virtual currency subscription activities in Macau. The Macau Monetary Authority reminded local residents that virtual currency is a… Read More

Cambridge Analytica Planned ‘Dystopian’ ICO

Cambridge Analytica, the firm that claims it used personal data to sway the last US election, planned to issue a cryptocurrency to enhance it’s powers of political persuasion, the New York Times reports. In addition to considering their own ICO (Initial Coin Offering), Cambridge Analytica… Read More

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