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USDC Stablecoin Depeg “Protection” Cover Introduced by Etherisc, a Decentralized Insurance Protocol

Etherisc, the open-source, “decentralized” insurance protocol and ecosystem, has launched the first-of-its-kind USDC depeg protection cover to the public. As a peer-to-peer parametric product, customers “receive automatic payouts should the price of the USDC stablecoin fall below its $1 USD pegged value by 0.5% for… Read More

Etherisc, BCCM to Develop Blockchain-Based Insurance Prototype

Etherisc, an open-source, decentralized insurance protocol, and ecosystem, together with the Blockchain Competence Center Mittweida (BCCM) at Mittweida University of Applied Sciences, today announced the launch of a joint project to develop a blockchain-based insurance prototype. This project aims to provide refined alternatives to traditional… Read More

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