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Coinbase Commerce Adds Crypto Invoicing Feature

In a sign of growing integration within the traditional fiat currency ecosystem, Coinbase Commerce has added crypto invoicing to its stack of services for businesses. Coinbase Commerce is a separate platform from the trading sites where merchants anywhere in the world may accept cryptocurrency as… Read More

Coinbase Commerce has Now Processed Over $200 Million in Cryptocurrency Transactions Since Launch

Coinbase Commerce platform, which processes retail payments for merchants, has now handled over $200 million in total transactions during a two-year timeframe (since launch). As noted on Coinbase Commerce’s official website, the platform can accept and process major cryptocurrencies (within minutes), including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin… Read More

Coinbase Commerce Adds Support for Major Stablecoin Dai, Merchants May Accept Dai Payments

Coinbase Commerce has added major stablecoin DAI as a new payment option for its merchant client base. As mentioned in a press release from Coinbase’s management, merchants using the Coinbase Commerce platform will be able to take payments made in the DAI stablecoin. Vendors can… Read More

Look Out PayPal: Coinbase Now Powering Payments in Digital Currency

Coinbase, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has launched Coinbbase Commerce, a payments platform that allows merchants to accept digital currency anywhere, anytime. Recently Stripe, a popular payments processor, announced it would stop accepting Bitcoin as payments so Coinbases announcement is timely…. Read More

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