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Brief: Community Leader Recognized as Hot Startup

CommunityLeader, a financial services software and service provider delivering a “back office” and regulatory compliant engine for “crowdfunding” platforms, has shared they were named One of the Twin Cities Two “Hottest Showcasing Start-ups”.  They will participate in the start-up showcase at Tech Cocktails’s Celebrate Las Vegas… Read More

In-Depth: BancBox’s Payment Solution for Crowdfunding Platforms

One of the most important decisions any crowdfunding platform will undertake is deciding how to process payments. Platforms operate in a very specific (and complicated) context. In particular, two issues are bound to come up when considering whether to adopt a certain payment solution… Escrow… Read More

CommunityLeader Holding Demo of Crowdfunding Solution

CommunityLeader is scheduled to launch a demo of their Crowdfunding solution platform Apicista on Friday, February 1st at 12PM PST. Apicista is described as, A robust investor relationship management engine behind CommunityLeader’s comprehensive Crowdfunding solution. As a fully compliant online platform for Crowdfunding businesses, chambers… Read More

CommunityLeader Announces the Launch of its Program for Crowdfunding Professionals

In conjunction with the launch of its ABC, CommunityLeader will host a new Web Bites series on its Affiliate Program for Crowdfunding Professionals Joseph Barisonzi, CEO of CommunityLeader, Inc., announced today the launch of ABC—its Affiliate Business Center—for its growing network of national marketing and… Read More

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