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CrowdfundNC Acquires Boon

CrowdfundNC (CFNC), an investment crowdfunding platform and syndication service affiliated with broker-dealer Localstake, has acquired Boon – a marketplace technology platform that started as a healthcare staffing marketplace and is now moving into other verticals. According to a company release, by combining CFNC investability readiness… Read More

First Investment Offer Qualifies Under Intrastate Crowdfunding Rule NC Paces Act

North Carolina is one of many US states that pushed forward with intrastate crowdfunding rules. In some states, the rules were more rational than the federal Reg CF exemption created by the JOBS Act of 2012. North Carolina is one of those states. According to… Read More

How Good Is Too Good? The Underwriting Risks Of Crowdfunding Real Estate Deals

The awareness and popularity of real estate based equity crowdfunding (i.e. “RECfunds”) continues to grow exponentially. As do the number of real estate crowdfunding portals. RECFunds offer substantial benefits to today’s investors including access to multiple types of projects, smaller barriers to investment, and portfolio… Read More

“We went through bank after bank. They couldn’t justify giving out a loan to two guys starting a business”

While regulators and some politicians worry that investors may lose money, since investing happens to involve risk, the quote below is exactly why investment crowdfunding is dearly needed: “We went through bank after bank. They couldn’t justify giving out a loan to two guys starting a… Read More

Crowdfunding Day in Indiana as State Exemption Goes Live

A growing number of states have taken it upon themselves to push forward with investment crowdfunding while the SEC still ponders Title IV and Title III of the JOBS Act. While Title II of the fabled bill has been in effect since September of 2013… Read More

LiveLink, a Mobile Startup, Chooses Localstake for Equity Crowdfunding Offer

In 2013, LiveLink raised $1 million from Indiana angel investors through traditional private placement techniques. As a result, Mike Alley, chairman of Patriot Investments, joined the board along with Bob O’Brien from Cambridge Ventures. The capital allowed LiveLink to acquire another software development firm (Cogent… Read More

Michigan Seeks to Create New Type of Broker Dealer

Michigan has been one of the states at the forefront of allowing intrastate investment crowdfunding to occur as Title III retail crowdfunding remains in a regulatory holding pattern.  The state has found capable champions in the legislature and within the business community making crowdfunding a… Read More

Localstake Partners with Zacks CF Research on Intrastate Crowdfunding

Zacks and Localstake have announced a partnership where Zacks CF Research will offer valuation and rating reports on Localstake listed crowdfunded issues. “Localstake is providing a funding platform in several states now and just closed the first-ever intrastate crowdfunded issue in Michigan. We believe this… Read More

Michigan’s First Investment Crowdfunding Candidate Is Tecumseh Brewing Co.

The Michigan Invests Locally Exemption, or MILE for short, has its first potential benefactor. Tecumseh Brewing Co. will seek cash from the crowd in exchange for a revenue share in a bid to launch operations in Tecumseh, Michigan. The two cofounders, Tim Schmidt and Kyle… Read More

In-Depth: BancBox’s Payment Solution for Crowdfunding Platforms

One of the most important decisions any crowdfunding platform will undertake is deciding how to process payments. Platforms operate in a very specific (and complicated) context. In particular, two issues are bound to come up when considering whether to adopt a certain payment solution… Escrow… Read More

Crowdfunding startup ready to make connections

The Securities and Exchange Commission is still drafting its rules for crowdfunding—a provision in last year’s Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act that allows private companies to raise capital by lining up large numbers of small investors. That delay is good news for the founders of… Read More

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