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Fintech Thunes Explains Why Poland Is Leading Digital Transformation in Central Europe

Thunes explains that it’s focused on playing a pivotal role in Poland’s payments landscape. Thunes says that its nationwide network enables seamless payments, “linking bank accounts, digital wallets and merchants.” With Thunes’ Pay and Accept solutions, Polish consumers can easily “make real-time cross-border payouts.” Thunes… Read More

Fiserv Polska Introduces New SmartPOS Device into its Product Offering in Poland

PAX Global Technology, the payment terminal solutions provider, is pleased to announce that Fiserv Polska, the owner of the PolCard brand, has introduced the PAX A920Pro SmartPOS device into its offering in Poland. The cooperation marks another milestone “between Fiserv and NOVELPAY – FinTech Software… Read More

PeerBerry Platform Is Planning to Onboard 10 New Lenders in H1 2024

PeerBerry recently completed the repayments of the last Polish loans. Over €20 million of Polish loans (plus accrued interest) were “repaid to investors in November and December.” Previously, loans issued in Poland accounted “for about 25% of all loans” funded through the PeerBerry platform. PeerBerry… Read More

Global Fintech Raisin Introduces Platform in Poland

Raisin has announced the launch of its deposits platform in Poland. The platform is designed to bridge the gap between Polish savers and “a network of European banks, utilizing Raisin’s proprietary cross-border savings technology and online marketplace.” Raisin simplifies access to diverse deposit products “across… Read More

Insurtech bolttech Announces Acquisition of Poland’s Digital Care

bolttech, the international insurtech, announced that it has acquired Digital Care, an embedded protection company based out of Poland. The acquisition is considered to be a major step towards “achieving the Group’s strategic goals in the EMEA region and globally, while accelerating growth, particularly within… Read More

Regulated Online Investment Platform TWINO Shares Update on Real Estate Projects

TWINO reveals that it is pleased to share that their first real estate securities project is more than halfway funded. According to TWINO, this achievement underlines “the potential of short-term rental properties as a popular investment type.” For those who’ve already invested, they thank you… Read More

European Debt Marketplace Debitum Shares Key Platform Updates

Debitum notes that July is one of the quietest months in the investment world, however, the firm has been “very active” during this time. During July, Debitum reveals that they have: added new ABS assets from Sandbox Funding to the platform, offered to invest on… Read More

Fintech Conotoxia to Allow Corporate Clients to Send Links to Other Users to Pay for Joint Purchases, Other Transactions

Conotoxia fintech’s individual and corporate users can “send other people links to pay for a joint restaurant meal, collect funds for a gift, and also, for example, tutoring or goods purchased at a market.” The new service is called “Accept payments”. Links can be paid… Read More

Trade Ledger Establishes Product and Engineering Lab in Poland

Trade Ledger, the global technology provider for the commercial banking and financial services industry, is excited to announce the opening of its new office in Krakow, Poland. This strategic expansion marks Trade Ledger’s first development hub in the EU, “further strengthening its global footprint and… Read More

Credit Provider Zilch Opens Location in Poland

Zilch has opened a new technology hub in Krakow, Poland. The company said the location is a new European Centre for Excellence which will serve as a facility \ to accelerate the development and implementation of new features and technologies. This is Zilch’s third location… Read More

European Banking Platform PKO Bank Polski Introduces Innovative System of Value-Added Services

PKO Bank Polski, the largest universal bank in Central and Eastern Europe, develops an innovative system of value-added services (VAS) in the form of a generally accessible and easy API. In this way, the Bank wishes “to expand the VAS offer available in the mobile… Read More

Visa Plans Global Tech, Product Hub in Poland to Support 24/7 Development Model for Innovation

Visa Inc. (NYSE: V), which claims to be a global leader in digital payments, announced that it plans to open a new global Technology and Product Hub in Poland that will be the first of its kind for Visa in Central and Eastern Europe. The… Read More

Debitum, a Digital Debt Marketplace, Announces New UK, Poland ABS Programs for Investments

Debitum partners from Poland and UK – financing company Flexidea Polska and Triple Dragon – have released 3 new ABS programs. Debitum is “a digital debt marketplace that aggregates business loans from SMEs across Europe for diversified investment.” Debitum enables investors “to access an alternative… Read More

European Platform TWINO Introduces New Offer for Investments in Polish Loan Securities

The team at TWINO notes that they have launched a Cashback bonus campaign. As noted in a blog post by TWINO, you can  “enroll in the campaign and earn a 2% cashback bonus for investments in Polish Loan Securities during the Cashback period.” The campaign… Read More

Borderless Financing Platform Debitum Shares Key Updates

Debitum has shared key updates including the number of assets (loans) pooled into Asset-Backed Securities by Loan Originator In March, the Debitum platform reportedly “offered to place investments in 10 ABS programs consisting of 175 loans.” The total number of assets “at the end of… Read More

TWINO Announces Updates to Polish Loan Securities Interest Rates

Following up on their last update, TWINO have recently received the regulator’s approval to list the Polish Loan Securities with different interest rates. Thus, not only different terms but also different rates of the securities “will be available on the TWINO platform further on.” Term:… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Reports Solid Start to 2023

The team at Debitum notes that platform performance in February reveals a solid start of the year. New Loan originator – Flexiadea Polska – assets are “available for investments; increased rates for existing Loan Originators; improvements of the platform (‘About us’ section rebuilt); new deposits… Read More

European Financing Platform Debitum Shares Key Updates, Strategy for 2023

February has started with “great news” from Debitum‘s UK Loan originator, the company Triple Dragon. Two new A+ ABS programs are added to Debitum. Both programs are “on increased interest rate – by 1% p.a. compared to the regular rate.” 1st ABS program details: Total… Read More

Autonomous Finance Platform HighRadius Expands with New Office in Kraków, Poland

HighRadius, which claims to be the global leader in Autonomous Finance Platforms for the Office of the CFO, announced their new office in Kraków, Poland. HighRadius is “headquartered in Houston, Texas, and this will be their fifth regional office in Europe, after London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt,… Read More

Santander Establishes Tech Hubs in Malaga, Warsaw to Accelerate Digital Transformation

Banco Santander (NYSE: SAN) has opened new tech hubs in Malaga, Spain and in Warsaw, Poland to support business units. Together, they will “employ some 1,400 professionals with backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), who will contribute to the bank’s digital and business… Read More

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