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Conzortia CEO Added to Roster of Speakers at CfPA Annual Event (Updated)

Conzortia CEO Robert Dobyns and TradeKing’s Senior Vice President Kevin Delo added to roster of crowdfunding speakers.   Robert Dobyns, Founder & CEO of Conzortia Business Funding will be speaking at the Crowdfunding Professionals Assocation (CfPA) 2nd Annual Crowdfund Investing Innovation Forum on August 8-9, 2013… Read More

Conzortia Launches CrowdfundingMissionTrips

CrowdfundingMissionTrips.com allows Christians who need to raise funding for an upcoming mission trip to post their fundraising project on the website and permits friends, relatives and other individuals to help fund their mission trip by donating money. “Harnessing the power of crowd funding for good… Read More

CrowdfundCritters: Crowdfunding Animal Rescue Projects

Conzortia Business Funding, Inc. has launched CrowdfundCritters.com the world’s first crowdfunding website dedicated to helping to provide funding for animal rescue efforts. “Actually, a friend of ours inspired me to launch Crowdfund Critters”, Robert Dobyns, CEO of Conzortia stated. “She runs an equine rescue and… Read More

Galveston to host crowdfunding cruise

The words “crowdfunding” and “cruise ship” are not typically found together. However, Robert Dobyns is now in the process of planning what may be the first ever crowdfunding cruise, which is set to depart on a Carnival Cruise ship from Galveston in September. When I first heard… Read More

New Venue For Crowdfunding Scout Projects Launches

Irving, Texas (PRWEB) November 12, 2012 Eagle Scout project costs can run into hundreds of dollars. Most 15 – 18 year olds don’t have that kind of cash lying around and those types of expenditures can be strenuous on a family budget as well. And… Read More

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