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Indonesia: Financing Supply and Demand Survey Indicates Limited Growth of Corporate Financing

The latest Bank Financing Supply and Demand Survey conducted by Bank Indonesia in July 2023 reportedly “indicates limited growth of corporate financing, as reflected by a relatively stable Weighted Net Balance (WNB) of 17.6% compared to 17.8% in June 2023. Corporate financing was primarily sourced… Read More

United States Foreign Direct Investment Numbers Cause for Concern: Survey

While the United States still attracts plenty of foreign direct investment (FDI), there are some ominous signs within the 2020 numbers, analysis from MoneyTransfers.com reveals. The platform analyzed data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Businesses and entrepreneurs alike understand that the… Read More

European Centre for Alternative Finance (ECAF) Crowdfunding Research Week 2017: What You Missed

From June 7-9 Utrecht School of Economics (U.S.E.) hosted the inaugural Crowdfunding research week of the European Centre for Alternative Finance (ECAF), co-organized by U.S.E., CrowdfundingHub and Sustainable Finance Lab. 37 researchers from seven European countries spanning 21 organisations contributed to the successful event. The… Read More

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