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Creators of Beverage Distributor Crafters & Co. Discusses Crowdfunding With PledgeMe

Last month, beverage distributor Crafters & Co. launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMe to raise $1 million. Crafters & Co’s CEO Hadleigh Petherick previously stated: “A successful raise for us means our suppliers will be able to concentrate on what they do best, making… Read More

Beverage Distributor Crafters & Co Seeks $1M on PledgeMe For Business Expansion

Wellington-based craft beverage distributor and bottle store, Crafters & Co. is looking to raise up to $1 million to expand its business with an equity crowdfunding campaign launched on PledgeMe today. Crafters & Co’s CEO Hadleigh Petherick stated the soon-to-be expansion will help take suppliers to… Read More

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