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Hybrid Air Vehicles Confirms: Airlander 10 Made Contact With Power Line Outside Airfield Before Crash Landing

Following the Airlander 10 crash landing during its second test flight yesterday, Hybrid Air Vehicles announced what happened to the aircraft just before it made that rough ground contact. The wing-shaped aircraft is notably able to fly for up to five days at a time if… Read More

Friends & Co-workers Launch GoFundMe Campaign For SpaceShipTwo Pilot Michael Alsbury; Reaches Nearly $100,000 in Two Days

Last Friday (October 31st), Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo suffered a suborbital spaceliner accident and crashed in the desert of Mojave, California. One test pilot, Michael Alsbury, was killed, while another, Peter Siebold, was injured in the crash. Space.com reported that acting chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board, Christopher Hart, stated an… Read More

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