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Downing Crowd Helps Oakman Inns Raise £1.82 Million for Acquisition of Property

Downing Crowd, the crowdfunding platform affiliated with Downing LLP,  is helping Oakman Bedfordshire Holdings raise £1.82 million in relation to the acquisition of the freehold of The White Hart, a pub restaurant property based in Bedfordshire which is leased to Oakman Inns and Restaurants. The… Read More

Downing Crowd is Crowdfunding £2.8 Million for UK Data Center

Downing Crowd is raising £2.8 million for a data center based in Birmingham. Downing Crowd is part of Downing LLP, an FCA authorized and regulated investment manager with over 20 years of experience. The first tranche of the offer has already secured £1.9 million. The… Read More

Downing Crowd Pounds Table on Tax Year End and IFISA Options

The Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is a new investment vehicle that remains relatively underutilized. As we wrote yesterday, one platform estimated that about 50% of the UK market is totally unaware of the retirement saving option. As we near the 2016/2017 tax year end, IFISA… Read More

Care Concern Group is Raising £3 Million on Downing Crowd

  Care Concern Group, described as a high-quality care home for the elderly in Edinburgh, is raising £3million through Downing Crowd, a crowdfunding platform that invests in a wide range of UK business sectors.  The funding will be raised using “Downing Crowd Bonds”, a type… Read More

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