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Julia Groves: Pleased with the FCA’s Updated Rules for Loans and Investment-based Crowdfunding

Julia Groves, Partner and Head of Digital at investment platform, Downing LLP and long-time UK Crowdfunding Association Director, issued a statement on updated rules for loan and investment-based crowdfunding revealed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) today. Groves was complimentary of the new rules… Read More

Downing Acquires P2P Lender Funding Empire

Downing LLP has acquired the peer to peer lender Funding Empire, the company behind Downing Crowd’s platform technology. Funding Empire is the trading name for Tally Marketplace Lending Ltd. Downing LLP is an FCA authorized and regulated investment manager which operates the crowdfunding platform, Downing… Read More

Downing Crowd Offers £3 Million Bond from Magnus Care Group Paying 7%

Downing Crowd has listed a £3 million bond for care home developer Magnus Care Group. The security offers investors an annual rate of return of 7% plus the potential for added equity upside. The bond has already raised more than £2.6 million. Magnus recently acquired… Read More

Downing Crowd Lists Bond with Equity Kicker for Investors

Investment crowdfunding platform Downing Crowd has listed its first security that is debt with an equity kicker for investors. The bond includes a 7.5% annual coupon and a term of up to 5 years and 9 months. According to Downing Crowd, the fixed return on the… Read More

Downing Crowd Takes Advantage of Higher €8 million Crowdfunding Limit with Most Recent Offering

Investment crowdfunding platform Downing Crowd is taking advantage of the new UK prospectus limit – a regulatory change that increases the crowdfunding limit to €8 million. Effectively a European rule, the threshold at which a prospectus for an offering was increased this past July from €5 million… Read More

Downing Crowd Adds £2.5 M Bond Energy Project Raise: Here Come the Funds

Investment platform Downing Crowd has launched a ‘7-day access’ bond which will invest a further £2.5 million for renewable energy generation and reserve power company, Bagnall Energy.  More than £201,4854 has already been secured for the raise which will close on Halloween morning. “The renewable energy… Read More

Downing Crowd Lists £6.25 Million Investment Offer for Solar Projects

Downing Crowd, a debt based crowdfunding platform that focuses on the renewable energy sector, has listed a series of solar investments by Populo Energy for projects in East Anglia and Norwich. The offering is for a £6.25 million bond for Populo Energy that will allow… Read More

Downing Crowd: £1.2 Million Raised for Wind Project

Downing Crowd has successfully raised £1.2 million in a bond offering to fund a small-scale wind turbine site in Scotland, owned and operated by C&G Renewables Limited. The £1.2 million raise will support the day-to-day operation of the wind turbines. Investors that backed the project will… Read More

The UK Financial Conduct Authority Looks to Update Rules for Loan Based Crowdfunding which is “Increasingly Complex,” Opens New Consultation

Investment Crowdfunding Rules Deemed Satisfactory. The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has finally released its long awaited post-implementation review of crowdfunding regulation. As has been widely rumored for quite some time, the FCA is looking to adjust rules governing loan based crowdfunding, also labeled peer… Read More

Downing Announces £1.6 Billion Electric Vehicle Grid Partnership, Investment to be Offered on Downing Crowd Later in 2018

Downing LLP has announced a funding partnership with Pivot Power to help financing a network of rapid EV charing stations and grid-connected batteries. Described as a “world first,” Downing will provide a key investment in the initial stage of 2GW network charging stations across the UK…. Read More

Downing Crowd Energizes UK Crowdfunding with New P.A. Reserve Power Bond

Investment manager Downing LLP has launched of a new bond on its crowdfunding platform, Downing Crowd, paying 7.6% p.a. interest to investors by lending £10M to projects across the UK’s reserve power market. [clickToTweet tweet=”.@Downingcrowd Reserve Power Bond will enable investment of up to £10M in… Read More

Downing Crowd Comments on “Massive” Rise in Debt Based Securities in Crowdfunding as Indicated in CCAF Research

Downing Crowd, a debt based crowdfunding platform, says “crowdfunding for grown-ups has arrived” as indicated by data correlated in the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF) report on the UK alternative finance industry. The report by CCAF revealed alternative finance growth of 43% to £4.6… Read More

Downing Crowd Toasts its Newest Bond Opportunity: Bedfordshire’s White Hart Pub Bond

Downing Crowd, part of Downing LLP, an FCA authorized and regulated investment manager with over 25 years of experience which launched in March 2016, has announced a new opportunity to lend to Oakman Bedfordshire Holdings Limited, a company that owns a freehold pub restaurant, The White Hart… Read More

Downing Crowd Says IFISAs Now Make Up 30% of All Investments

Downing Crowd is reporting that since the March launch of their Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA), these savings vehicles make up 30% of Downing Crowd investments. Downing Crowd says it has seen a rapid rise in business from IFISA customers, just one year after HM Treasury passed… Read More

Downing Crowd: Crowd Bonds + Care Homes= £2.5 Million Raise

Crowd Bonds, a type of debt-based crowdfunding, are gaining traction in the healthcare investment sector with a particular focus on high quality care homes, according to UK crowdfunding platform Downing Crowd. Downing Crowd itself has launched a new £2.5 million Crowd Bond for two established care… Read More

Downing Crowd Offers £3.95 Million Investment in Biogas Renewable Energy Plant

Crowdfunding platform Downing Crowd has listed a £3.95 million offer for Warren Energy, a Norfolk-based renewable energy plant generating biogas. Julia Groves, Downing’s Head of Crowdfunding, said there is a lack of awareness regarding different types of crowdfunding. Crowd Bonds may be a lower risk… Read More

Downing Crowd Launches “Regular Access Bonds” Adding Liquidity for Investors

The Downing Crowd platform has announced the launch of new “Regular Access Crowd Bonds” designed to offer attractive returns with a certain level of liquidity for investors. Unlike existing Crowd Bonds, investors in Regular Access Bonds will not have to invest their money for a… Read More

Downing Crowd is Crowdfunding £2.8 Million for UK Data Center

Downing Crowd is raising £2.8 million for a data center based in Birmingham. Downing Crowd is part of Downing LLP, an FCA authorized and regulated investment manager with over 20 years of experience. The first tranche of the offer has already secured £1.9 million. The… Read More

More than a Pint: Oakman Property Quickly Raises £2.5M for Berkshire Pub on Downing Crowd

Hot off the press! UK crowdfunding platform Downing Crowd quickly raised £2.5 million for the redevelopment of a historic pub in Berkshire owned by Oakman Property Ltd. Specific details are not yet available, apart from yesterday’s release. Downing Crowd is part of Downing LLP, an FCA authorized and… Read More

Downing Crowd Pounds Table on Tax Year End and IFISA Options

The Innovative Finance ISA (IFISA) is a new investment vehicle that remains relatively underutilized. As we wrote yesterday, one platform estimated that about 50% of the UK market is totally unaware of the retirement saving option. As we near the 2016/2017 tax year end, IFISA… Read More

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