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Blockmason Link Teams Up With CryptoChicks For Blockchain-Based Software Development Advancement

Blockchain tech startup Blockmason announced on Tuesday it has teamed up with CryptoChicks, an international education hub that is on a mission to grow the professional potential of women and youth in blockchain and AI, to advance the blockchain-based software development industry. The duo signed a… Read More

CryptoChicks Female-Focussed Blockchain Hackathon Produces Many Socially-Conscious Proposals

Shortly into CryptoChicks Female-Focussed Hackathon and Conference held April 6-8 in Toronto, Neufund CEO Zoe Adamovicz called out the insignificant presence of females at most blockchain conferences she attends. The North American Bitcoin Conference, for example, held January in Miami, featured just 3 out of… Read More

Neufund CEO Calls SEC Crackdown on Crypto a “War”

  Speaking Saturday at the Cryptochicks Conference in Toronto, Zoe Adamovicz, CEO of Neufund, an online equity token-investing platform based in Germany, characterized the current regulatory crackdown in the US as as much about “protecting investors” as a matter of “jurisdictional competition,” where countries, negotiate… Read More

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