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Metro Bank Acquires P2P Lender RateSetter, Metro Bank to Use its Deposit Base to Fund New Loans

RateSetter, a leading UK based peer to peer lender, has been acquired by Metro Bank. The purchase of RateSetter has long been anticipated as the P2P lender messaged earlier that it was exploring “strategic options” – a euphemism for a sale. In June, there were… Read More

Authors Claim Only 36% of Top 100 Crypto Tokens Link to Working Blockchains

Editors at Investinblockchain.com have written an article claiming that only 36 of the top 100 commercially-traded digital tokens and blockchains they studied, “actually had working products that are providing real value.” In the article, “Cryptocurrencies In The Top 100 With Working Products That Are In-Use,”… Read More

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